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Major and Minor Projects

Mined Land Reclamation Permit

Procedures, review time frames, processing fees, and requirements for public notice for applications, are different for major and minor projects under the Uniform Procedures Act. (Part 62 1). In general, minor Mined-Land Reclamation projects have shorter review time frames and require no formal public notice.

MINOR Mined-Land Reclamation projects include those which meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1. Total acreage affected by mining for the entire mining site is less than 5 acres (regardless of the length of the mining period).
  2. Total depth of the mine from the floor to the top of the mine face is less than 20 feet.
  3. There is no on-site processing of mining products. (eg. washing, crushing)
  4. There is no mining within 100 feet of any surface waters.
  5. There is no mining of consolidated minerals.
  6. There is no mining within 500 feet of any dwelling.
  7. There is no mining below the site's seasonal high water table at the mine site.

Applications which do not meet ALL of these criteria will be processed as MAJOR projects.