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Raquette Boreal - Unit Management Plan

The Raquette Boreal Unit encompasses Forest Preserve and Conservation Easements lands in the Towns of Hopkinton, Colton, and Piercefield in St. Lawrence County. Forest Preserve lands include recently acquired parcels as well as lands previously part of the Raquette-Boreal Wild Forest. These lands have recently been classified into two units; the Raquette River Wild Forest, and the Raquette-Jordan Boreal Primitive Area. Conservation Easement (CE) lands in the unit include the Lassiter CE, the Conservation Fund CE, the International Paper CE, and the Niagara Mohawk CE.

Status of the UMP

The Department adopted a Unit Management Plan (UMP) for the Raquette Boreal Unit in 2006. If you have questions about the UMP, please e-mail us at: Region 6 UMP.

Download the UMP

Raquette Boreal Unit Management Plan - PDF (5.6 MB)