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Raquette Boreal Unit Management Plan

The Raquette Boreal Unit encompasses Forest Preserve and Conservation Easements lands in the Towns of Hopkinton, Colton, and Piercefield in St. Lawrence County. Forest Preserve lands include recently acquired parcels as well as lands previously part of the Raquette-Boreal Wild Forest. These lands have recently been classified into two units; the Raquette River Wild Forest, and the Raquette-Jordan Boreal Primitive Area. Easement lands in the unit include the Lassiter easement, the Conservation Fund easement, the International Paper easement, and the Niagara Mohawk easement.

The proximity of these lands to each other, the similarities of their natural resources, and current and potential interconnected recreational opportunities provided a strong rationale for combining these lands into one planning unit, therefore providing for planning over a broader landscape. However, ownership and classification differences necessitate the need for somewhat different management objectives and strategies for each subunit. For example, in some instances, certain recreational uses may be compatible across all of the unit while other recreational uses may be limited to specific portions of the unit, based on State Land Master Plan (SLMP) requirements for Forest Preserve lands or requirements/restrictions of the easement agreement on Conservation Easement lands.

Conservation Easements in the Raquette Boreal Unit

Conservation easement lands are established and operate under the legal jurisdiction of Article 49 of the Environmental Conservation Law (ECL). Easements may be as simple as a limitation on the number of buildings that may be present on a piece of property to easements providing for public recreation use and limitations/requirements for sustainable timber management. Most easements which include public recreation rights require the State to consult with the landowner when developing public recreation plans for the property and may require the Department to submit such plans for landowner determination of compliance with the easement. Including these easement lands in the Raquette Boreal UMP fulfills the requirement of the easements regarding public recreational use and planning. Recreational opportunities offered by the landowner and the Department are outlined in the table below.

Easement Recreational Rights
Easement Public Recreation Rights
Lassiter Yes
International Paper Co. Limited
Conservation Fund None
Niagara Mohawk Yes

The Department completed a Unit Management Plan for the Raquette Boreal Unit in December 2006. If you have questions or comments, please email us at: Region 6 UMP.

Raquette Boreal Unit Management Plan (PDF) (5.6 MB - this is a large document and may be slow to download. As an alternative you may download specific sections using the links below).

Sections for Easier Downloading:

Unit Maps (appendix 12):