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Rome Sand Plains Unique Area - Unit Management Plan

In October 1997 the Rome Sand Plains Resource Management Area was formally dedicated. The Rome Sand Plains is one of only a handful of inland pine barrens in the nation. It's geographic area encompasses approximately 5,000 acres in the southwestern quadrant of the City of Rome, and is bounded on the south by Wood Creek and NYS Route 46 and Route 49, on the north and west by the Rome City boundary and on the east by West Thomas Street and Gifford Road.

The Sand Plains are owned by a mix of public, conservancy and private landowners. The managers of the state and county lands parcels, The Nature Conservancy and Izaac Walton League land owners have been working to manage their lands in a cooperative fashion through their participation in the Rome Sand Plains Resource Management Team.

The Resource Management Team includes representatives of State and local government such as the City of Rome, Oneida County, the Department of Environmental Conservation, the Department of Transportation, the New York State Canal Corporation, the State Museum and the Mohawk Valley Heritage Corridor Commission; conservancy landowners such as the Nature Conservancy and the Izaak Walton League; and other groups and organizations such as New York Rivers United, the Adirondack Mountain Club, the Rome Area Chamber of Commerce, the Oneida Nation, the Rome Historical Society and the West Rome Riders, Inc.

In 2000 the Team decided to prepare a Resource Management Plan on the part of the Rome Sand Plains that they own so that the area and its resources may be managed in a unified manner that is appropriate for the ecological and historical characteristics and public uses of the Sand Plains. Funding was obtained and in June of 2001 a planning consultant, the Chazen Companies of Glens Falls, was hired to assist the Team in the preparation of the Plan.

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