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Rush Oak Openings

Rush Oak Openings Unique Area has been combined with Bare Hill Unique Area and 7 other properties to create the Northern Finger Lakes UMP. That UMP is incomplete at this time, but we are accepting any comments and concerns you may have.

The Rush Oak Openings Unit Management Plan is a plan for the multiple use of about 228 acres of unique area land in Monroe County. The Rush Oak Openings Unit Management Plan was prepared by a committee of DEC professionals at the Region 8 DEC office in 1999.

This unit is located in the town of Rush, southern Monroe County. The east area with road frontage on Honeoye Falls-5 Points Road is known as the Quinn Tract. The west area with road frontage on West Henrietta Road (US Rt. 15) is known as the Goff Tract.

Rush Oak Openings contains a globally rare plant community commonly referred to as an "oak opening" or "oak savannah." This site is the only known intact oak opening remaining in New York State. Oak openings were very common in the Midwest (where the prairie met eastern forests) prior to European settlement. Rush Oak Openings is the easternmost remaining oak opening.

If you have questions and/or comments about this UMP, please email us at:

Rush Oak Openings UMP (PDF) (222 KB)