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Newburgh Town Hall Bioretention Areas


people planting and creating a bioretention area

Two bioretention areas were installed as a retrofit into the existing parking lot stormwater system. This project cut out the asphalt around two existing catch basins and re-formed the new asphalt surface to re-direct runoff to adjacent lawn areas. The bioretention areas were constructed in these lawn areas. Because the native soils were highly disturbed and generally tight-textured, gravel-encased underdrains were installed in the bottom of each to provide an "overflow outlet" for collected runoff in the event that the native soils under the practices are unable to infiltrate it all. In addition, the native soils were heavily amended with a sandy loam topsoil. Appropriate plants were established, while mulch, rocks and "dry streambed" features were added for visual diversity.

For more information on this project, visit the Lower Hudson Coalition of Conservation Districts' "2014 NEIWPCC Green Infrastructure Projects" webpage on the right hand column of this page.

Site Location

Planted Biorentention Area
  • Site Name: Newburgh Town Hall
  • Address: 1496 Route 300, Newburgh, NY 12550
  • Owner: Town of Newbugh
  • County: Orange
  • Watershed: Quassaick Creek
  • Land use of site: Municipal
  • Can this site be visited? Yes
  • Location on site: Southeast of the Town Hall buildings

Practice Details

  • Intent of design: To implement a green infrastructure demonstration project, one of the recommendations in the Quassiack Creek Watershed Management Plan (completed in 2014). Orange County Soil and Water Conservation District was a partner in developing the plan, and approached the Town of Newburgh about this opportunity. The Quassaick Creek borders the Town of Newburgh complex, making it an ideal site to begin implementing some of the watershed plan recommendations.
  • Size of structure/capacity: Bioretention area #1: 945 square feet surface area/380 cubic feet ponding/storage volume; Bioretention area #2: 1,120 square feet surface area/450 cubic feet ponding/storage volume
  • Size of drainage area: 7,200 square feel for each bioretention area
  • Plants or materials used: Carex, Cardinal Flower, Yarrow, Euonymus, Dayliliy, Turtlehead, Asters
  • Maintenance: Weed, water, replace plants, keep inflow devices clear of debris
  • Maintained by: Orange County Soil and Water Conservation District, Town of Newburgh

Design/Installation Information

  • Design: Orange County Soil and Water Conservation District, with review by Town Engineer
  • Installaion: Vellenga Lawn Care, with construction supervision by Orange County Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Other project partners: Town of Newburgh - approve project, assist with maintenance, plan review by Town Engineer
  • Date of installation: October 2014
  • Zoning change or special permit required: No
  • Project cost: Approximately $20,000 for both bioretention areas
  • Form of payment: Grant funds (from the NYS DEC Hudson River Estuary Program, in partnership with New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission), with additional support from OCSWCD, Town of Newburgh and Lower Hudson Coalition of Conservation Districts

For Additional Site Information

Contact: Kevin Sumner, Conservation District Manager, Orange County Soil and Water Conservation District


Phone: (845) 343-1873