Using the buttons in the Button Tool Set

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Button Tool Set

The Button Tool set allows you to perform many functions with the map. The buttons in the top section of the tool set require you to first click on a button to select that tool and then click on the map to perform a function. The buttons in the bottom section of the tool set require only that you click on the button once to perform a function. The following are specific instructions for each button.

Zoom In button

Use the Zoom + tool to see more local data about an area of interest. Select the Zoom + tool and click on the spot you want to zoom in on. Another option is to click and, holding the left mouse button down, drag a box around the extent of the map you want to zoom in on as illustrated below.

Zoom In example

Zoom Out button

Use the Zoom - tool to view a map showing less detail but a larger extent. You can click on a point to zoom out or you can drag a box. The smaller a box you create, the more the map will zoom out.

Pan tool

The Panning tool allows you to recenter the map.If you left click and hold the mouse button down, you can then drag the entire map in whichever direction you choose. When you let go of the mouse button, the map will redraw wherever you have positioned it.

Recenter button

The Recenter tool allows you to recenter the map. If you left click on the map while this tool is selected, the map will redraw with it's center where you clicked.

Identify Tool

The Identify tool identifies the features shown on the map. Remember, to use the identify tool you must first select a layer from the active layer menu described in Layer Controls. Once you've selected an active layer, click on the map feature you want to identify. The Geographic Address Selector will return information about that feature in the area below the map.

Other Tools

Previous view button

Clicking on the Previous View button will return you to the last map you displayed. This button will take you back to only one previous view.

Full View button

Clicking the View Entire State button makes the map zoom out to show the entire state of New York.

Clear Selection button

The Clear Selection button clears items selected with the identify or search functions.

Print button

The Print button opens a dialogue at the bottom of the page that gives directions for printing the current map.