Geographic Data Set: Solid Waste Transfer and Disposal Facilities
Description: Solid waste facilities are regulated under Part 360 of the New York State Code of Rules and Regulations, Title 6 (6NYCRR Part 360). Solid waste transfer and disposal facilities include large and small transfer stations, waste-to-energy facilities, and several types of landfills. The facilities contained in this dataset are assigned a unique facility number composed of five digits as the primary identifier. The first two digits correspond to the New York State county where the facility is located. The third digit is a letter which identifies the type of facility. The last two digits are simply a number from 1 to 99.
Available: Statewide
Completion or Most Recent Revision Date: 9/000
Projection and Map Units: NYTM in meters, NAD83 in horizontal datum.
Contact: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Bureau of Solid Waste & Land Management
625 Broadway, 9th Floor
Albany, NY 12233-7258
Ph:(518) (518) 402-8651
Fax:(518) 489-7733

Usage Notes: 1. Coordinate data was collected from facility permit applications as well as the department staff locating facility points on electronic maps.
2. This data has not been field verified but is expected to be within 100 to 500 meters of the actual facility location.
3. The data should not be used for precise determination of facility buildings, property, or entrances. It is most useful for determining the general location and concentration of solid waste facilities within the state.
4. Facility descriptions are provided to give the public a general idea of each type of solid waste facility and are not verbatim to the definitions found within the Part 360 regulations.

Solid Waste Transfer and Disposal Facilities

Mixed Solid Waste (MSW) Landfill facility that accepts nonhazardous waste from the public and private sectors. They may be publicly or privately owned.
Industrial/Commercial Waste Landfill A facility used solely for the disposal of solid waste resulting from industrial or commercial operations.
Ash Landfill a landfill that accepts only ash from waste-to-energy facilities.
Construction and Demolition Debris Landfill landfill that accepts specific inert materials resulting from construction or/or demolition activities.
Waste-to-Energy Facility A disposal facility that accepts MSW for incineration and uses the resulting heat for the production of electricity.
Landfill Gas Recovery Facility A facility that collects landfill gas for the purpose of converting that gas to energy.
Transfer Stations A facility where small loads of waste are consolidated for more efficient transfer to a disposal facility. Large transfer stations process more then 12,500 tons of waste per year. Small transfer stations process less then 12,500 tons of waste per year.
Regulated Medical Waste Facilities An RMW Storage/Transfer facility prepares and transports radiopharmaceuticals to hospitals. Used syringes are returned to the facility for storage and decay. On Site Treatment facilities generate RMW and then treat the waste-on-site. Transfer stations are commercially operated businesses that collect and transfer RMW from various generators.
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