Map Acknowledgements

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Base maps used in this application were provided by members of the New York State GIS Data Sharing Cooperative or other sources as shown below. Metadata or additional information about each data set may be available on-line at the New York State GIS Clearinghouse ( , contained in data header files, or through the provided web links.

Government entities and not-for-profit organizations can access these and other GIS data sets through membership in the New York State GIS Data Sharing Cooperative. GIS Data Sharing Cooperative members welcome notification of any errors or omissions in their files. Please make all such notifications using the contact information provided below or contact the NYS GIS Clearinghouse

The Cooperative was formed to encourage public agencies in New York State to share in the creation, use, and maintenance of GIS data sets to reduce cost and data duplication. Membership information is available at the New York State GIS Clearinghouse. Organizations not eligible for membership in the GIS Data Sharing Cooperative should direct inquiries regarding data set availability to the agencies listed as the data set owners.

Data Sharing Cooperative Member
New York State Department of Transportation
Map Information Unit
State Office Campus
Building 4, Room 105
Albany, NY 12232-0415
Phone: (518)457-3555
Fax: (518)485-1820

Data Set(s) Provided
New York State Route System (roads data)
Conditions of Use: Copyright protected

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