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Core photos can be viewed from the hyperlink located to the far right of the table created by identifying a sample.

Mussel Bed

Oyster Bed

Sand (azoic)

Sand (gas)

Sand (hash)

Sand (infanua)

Sand (organic)

SandBed (azoic)

SandBed (gas)

SandBed (infanua)

SandBed (organic)

Silt (azoic)

Silt (gas)

Silt (infauna)

Silt (organic)


Magin Tributary- Areas of the estuary floor characterized by deposition from tributaries to the estuary. Elongated belts of fine to coarse sediment rim the margins of the river, and are attributed to tributary discharge.

Channel- The deepest part of the estuary where the currents are strongest.

Margin- Sloping sides of the channels which are on the edge of the strong channel currents.

Margin Flats- Flat shallow banks where currents are reduced compared to the channel currents.

Anchor Drag Marks- Linear grooves on the river bed.

Piers- Non-lineated hummocky fields on the estuary floor.

Debris Fields- Non-lineated hummocky fields on the estuary floor.

Mooring Fields- Areas dominated by boat moorings.

Sediment waves- Large sediment waves have relief sufficient to be seen in both sidescan and multibeam data. Small sediment waves are characterized as bedforms that are imaged in the sidescan backscatter data but not in the multibeam bathymetry and have a wave height less than ~50 cm.

Submerged aquatic vegetation- Hummocky terrain on shallow flats interpreted to be root structures of submerged aquatic vegetation.

Obstruction scour and deposit- Sediment scour or sediment drifts found in the lee of structures such as bridge footings.

Bedrock- Areas of the estuary floor that returned strong acoustic returns and appear, therefore, to have little or no sediment over the underlying bedrock

Coarse- Coarser than sand; i.e. gravel as defined in the table above

Fine- Finer than sand; i.e. silt or clay.

Sand- Sand as defined in the table above

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