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Save mlDOS.zip to a directory. mlDOS.zip contains two files: a zipped database file gismines.csv and documentation file MinesMetaData.html. Unzip the database file and open it using a spreadsheet application. The documentation file can be viewed directly using an internet browser application. The .csv file is the same data offered through the on-line searchable database.

Description: This coverage contains data from the Division of Mineral Resources Mined Lands permit files.
  1. The database contains most mines permitted since 1983 but only a limited number of mines from before 1983.
  2. Coordinate locations are approximate. The latitude and longitude are in the NAD83 datum. Longitudinal values are negative (-) to reflect the correct geographical coordinate quadrant. [ an example for decimal longitude: -73.23541 ].
  3. The version of the database has not been completely error checked. Some errors in location or attribute values may exist.
  4. The data set may contain multiple points at a single location.
  5. Mines in the database that lack coordinates or that have grossly incorrect coordinates do not appear in the data set.
Accuracy: Mines have areal extent but are shown as points. The locations in the coverage were obtained from a number of sources. Locations have generally been scaled from USGS 71/2 minute topographic maps provided by the applicant. The location may be either the approximate centroid of the mine or the point where the mine access road enters a public road. This data has not been field verified but is expected to be within 100 meters of the actual facility location. The data should not be used for precise determination of facility buildings, property or mine entrances. It is most useful for determining general locations of mines.
Contact: Division of Mineral Resources
625 Broadway, 3rd Floor
Albany, NY 12233-6500

Database Fields

Mineid The mine identification code (a character item). The first digit is the region number and digits 2-4 are an accession number within the region.
PermitteeName Name of operator on the active permit.
MineName The name of the mine.
contact_FirstName The first name of the person filing for a permit.
contact_LastName The last name of the person filing for a permit.
Address1 Permittee address.
Address2 Permittee address.
City Permittee city.
State Permittee state.
Zip1 Permittee zip code.
Zip2 Permittee additional zip code.
Phone Permittee phone number.
Status Status of Mine. Mine Status Codes
Location Name or address of facility location.
County County name where mine is located.
Town Town where mine is located.
AcresControlled Total acreage controlled by permittee at mine site.
AcresLifeOfMine Life of Mine acres.
AcresAffected Total acreage currently being affected by mining operations.
AcresReclaimed Total acres reclaimed since 1975.
AcresBB The current amount of permitted acres the mine permittee is billed for.
AcresBB_range Range of net affected acres.
Commodity Mineral resource that has been mined or is planned to be mined;typically a sediment, soil, mineral ore or rock type.
InitDate Date of initial permit.
Issuedate Issue date for current permit.
Enddate Permit expiration date.
Last_inspect_date Date of last mine inspection.
Latitude Latitude (decimal).
Longitude Longitude (decimal).
ReclamationType Type of reclamation.
Finsecamt Amount of financial security required to ensure reclamation.
Undgnd Denotes an underground mine (e.g. accessed by slope, shaft or drift).
ModDate Date record last modified.
MapFlag Used for symbolizing mines on a map. Map Flags
LINK Link to searchable online database record for an individual mine.

C   Consolidated Materials Surface Mine
CR   Reclaimed Consolidated Materials Surface Mine
UC   Unconsolidated Materials Surface Mine
UCR   Reclaimed Unconsolidated Materials Surface Mine
UNG   Underground Mine
UNGR   Reclaimed Underground Mine

Mine Status Codes
A   Active
I   Inactive
R   Reclaimed
E   Expired; not reclaimed
P   Pending; permit not issued
T   Transfer of permit to another mine
N   Never permitted
Q   Temporary code for other mines
V   Never Mined

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