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Well Plugging


At the end of their economic life, wells must be plugged in accordance with statutory and regulatory requirements. To ensure the sufficiency of funds for well plugging, the DEC holds financial security in amounts statutorily determined based on an operator's number of wells and their depths. At year-end 2012, DEC held $23.88 million in financial security to guarantee well plugging and well site reclamation. This was a slight decrease from the amount held at year-end 2011.

In 2012, operators plugged 323 wells in accordance with requirements in DEC-issued plugging permits. Of the 323 wells plugged in 2012:

  • 273 (85%) of the plugged wells were oil and secondary recovery wells in the old oilfields of western New York;
  • 18 (5.6%) were gas wells; and
  • 32 (10%) were comprised of a mix of other regulated well types.

Plugging occurred in 15 counties with 54% of the plugging jobs in Cattaraugus County and 32% in Allegany County. As noted above, the vast majority of plugging jobs involved old oil wells, particularly in the Richburg and Bradford Fields.

Abandoned Well Plugging

Orphaned wells have been abandoned by their original owners and the majority of these wells were drilled prior to the existence of a regulatory framework in New York. There are over 3,500 orphaned and inactive wells in the Department's records. The DEC's Oil and Gas Account (originally called the Oil and Gas Fund) is dedicated to the plugging of orphaned and abandoned oil and gas wells. The account receives $100 from every ECL 23 Permit to Drill issued by the DEC. At year-end 2012, this account held $158,642.

Additionally, DEC staff continued working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the U.S. Coast Guard to plug oil wells with federal funds from the Oil Pollution Act of 1990. As a direct result of DEC staff efforts, USEPA has undertaken several plugging projects in New York State.

In 2012 USEPA plugged a total of 22 wells in Allegany County, located as follows:

  • 15 wells on the Adrian Oil Lease in the Town of Alma; and
  • 7 wells on the Homestead Road Lease in the Town of Bolivar.

In conjunction with the well plugging efforts, the well sites were reclaimed.

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