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Statewide (Outside of Pilot Regions) CSC Coordinator

From 2012 to 2015, Climate Action Associates (CAA) served as the Climate Smart Communities Regional Coordinator for Climate Smart Communities (CSCs) in areas not covered by the four pilot regions (regions outside of Central New York, Capital District, Mid-Hudson and Long Island). Over the three-year pilot, CAA answered technical questions about the program, including how to participate and benefit from the resources available. CAA coordinated information sharing with other communities and provided case studies and implementation assistance.

In partnership with The Climate Registry, CAA facilitated statewide coordination of a unified greenhouse gas (GHG) protocol to govern regional and community GHG inventories developed through the CSC program. CAA also initiated an effort to coordinate with state utilities to create a common approach for large utilities to provide data to CSC participants in a consistent and efficient way.

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