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Regional Coordinators

Through NYSERDA's Clean Energy Communities program (see link at right), locally based outreach and implementation coordinators will provide free, on-demand technical assistance, including step-by-step guidance, case studies and template contracts to help municipalities implement clean energy actions and participate in the Climate Smart Communities Certification program. To access this free technical support, send an email to

From 2012 to 2015, Climate Smart Communities (CSC) Regional Coordinators Pilot Program examined the effectiveness of hands-on, technical support and guidance in developing and implementing of local climate action programs. By the conclusion of the three-year pilot in November 2015, the CSC Regional Coordinators held 500 one-on-one meetings with communities and conducted hundreds of trainings and presentations across New York State. Sixty new Climate Smart Communities were enrolled into the program, 89 local climate action plans were finalized and hundreds of greenhouse gas inventories were completed. The CSC Regional Coordinators also created tools, guidance documents and templates designed to help local governments reduce their emissions and adapt to a changing climate; these resources are now available to all communities via the CSC program.

Strategies and lessons learned from the CSC Regional Coordinator Pilot Program are now informing New York's ongoing commitment to helping communities become more resilient and transition to clean energy. For further information about the CSC Coordinators that participated in the 2012-2015 pilot, please click on the links below.

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