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Oil and Natural Gas

The Division of Mineral Resources regulates the drilling, construction, operation and plugging of all oil and gas wells in New York under Environmental Conservation Law Article 23. Operators or persons proposing to drill, deepen, plug back, or convert an oil or natural gas well are required to obtain a well permit from the Division.

More than 75,000 wells have been drilled in New York for oil, gas and solution salt extraction, geothermal, brine disposal and underground gas storage. The Division of Mineral Resources has computerized records on more than 40,000 wells, of which about 26,000 are oil and gas. In 2011, there were approximately 3,700 active oil wells and 7,150 active gas wells. More data from current and past annual well reports can be found on the Annual Oil & Gas Production Data page. Maps and information about the wells in New York State are available for public access and can be found through these links to Wells in New York State and Downloadable Well Data. Please contact the Bureau of Oil & Gas Permitting and Management in the Division's Albany office if you have any questions or comments regarding regulation of oil or gas wells in New York.