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Electronic Filings for the Oil, Gas & Solution Salt Mining Regulatory Program

Submission of Applications for OGePermit

The Division of Mineral Resources is pleased to offer its OGePermit application. This is a secure system that will allow operators to submit permit applications under Article 23 of the Environmental Conservation Law to Drill, Deepen, Plugback, or Convert a Well. Before an operator can submit an electronic application they need to file a Registration to File Electronic Submission Form. This Form builds off of information submitted on the Organizational Report Form (PDF) (156KB). The Registration to File Electronic Submission Form (PDF) (70 KB) sets up two levels of authorized company representatives. The first level is a data entry group; that group may create applications and forward them to a second level Data Submission group. The Data Submission group is a subset of the names from Box 7 of the Organizational Report. Box 7 identifies which individuals can submit filings for the company.This individual submitting the application for the well will also receive e-mails from the system and can check on the processing of the application.

Once the Department receives the Registration to File Electronic Submission Form, staff will create the user name and initial password for the user. After logging in the first time the user will be prompted to change their password. Further information on the login process and password selection is available as a separate document. Part of this process is the creation of challenge questions. The Department maintains the password as an encrypted file and is unable to tell the applicant the password. The user can query the system for their password through the answering of the challenge questions. The Department can also upon request reset a password but again the applicant will need to reset the password on first login.

The OGePermit application is anticipated to speed and improve the accuracy of permit applications. Data will be entered by the applicant and pdf submissions included with the application will allow Division staff to accurately review submissions. Quality control scripts in the applicants data entry process will ensure a more complete and accurate submission. The process is paperless except for the submission of a Certification form, the submission of payment, the stamped plat and a spacing map if necessary. A complete user guide is available for your use as you complete the application. One important feature is the applicants ability to track the review process online.

For applicants that commonly file similar types of applications, there is an ability to create a custom template.These templates will allow the applicant to store common well based information including standard casing and cementing data which will speed the completion of an application. The Division, in an effort to collect more complete information in our data management system, will start collecting proposed casing and cementing data. This data will assist inspectors in the review of applications as well as assisting in field inspections.

For further information on the OGePermit process please review the linked documents on this page or contact the Division of Mineral Resources.

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