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Energy/Climate Programs

New York's Energy and Climate Portfolio

Rooftop solar panels with other Albany roofs in background
At operating peak, solar panels on the
roof of the Dormitory Authority of New
York's Albany headquarters, supply
approximately 6 percent of the building's
electricity needs. Energy efficiency,
environmental, and operational
improvements over the past 10 years
led to a recent LEED-EB Gold
(Existing Building) award.
(Photo: DASNY)

New York State has built a portfolio of programs and policies that will lower energy use, reduce heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for unavoidable climate change. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has strengthened this portfolio with strategic statewide plans to make New York's energy systems more resilient and reliable and enhance the state's energy competitiveness.

Links on this page access websites of the agencies involved with administering the key energy and climate programs listed below. These websites are the best source for complete and updated information on New York's energy and climate programs.

Statewide Energy and Climate Planning

Cleaner, Greener Communities - Enables community sustainability plans and projects statewide; support for projects is being given to local governments, nonprofit organizations and other public and private entities.

New York State Energy Plan - Vision for New York's energy future that connects a vibrant private sector market with communities and individual customers to create an affordable, reliable, resilient, and dynamic clean energy economy. A final plan will be released after review of public comments.

Interim Report for the New York State Climate Action Plan (See Important Links at the right side of this page). Assesses how all economic sectors can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change; identifies how such actions support New York's goals for a clean-energy economy; prepared under a 2009 executive order that also established a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the state eighty percent by the year 2050.

Charge NY - Initiative aiming to create a statewide network of up to 3,000 public and workplace charging stations and to put up to 40,000 plug-in vehicles on the road during the next five years.

White car with yellow cable from side of the car to the white charging station
A plug-in electric hybrid recharges at a public charging
station located at Saratoga Technology and Energy
Park in Malta. NYSERDA offers funding incentives to
offset the cost of electric vehicle charging stations and
also provides some incentives for EV purchases.
(Photo: NYSERDA)

Transportation and Climate Initiative - A regional collaboration that seeks to develop the clean energy economy, reduce oil dependence and advance greenhouse gas reduction strategies in the transportation sector.

Beyond Waste (See Important Links at the right side of this page). Most recent state solid waste plan, focusing on how materials that would otherwise become waste can receive economically-sound sustainable management.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Reduction

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) - Regional cap-and-invest program to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide from electric power generating facilities and help support adoption of clean energy practices.

Climate Smart Communities (See Important Links at the right side of this page). A State-local partnership for community greenhouse gas emission reduction and climate resilience.

Carbon Dioxide Emission Standards (See Important Links at the right side of this page). Performance standards for new major electric generating facilities, and certain expansions of existing facilities, found in 6 NYCRR Part 251 and revisions to 6 NYCRR Part 200, General Provisions.

Green Procurement and Agency Sustainability - Promotes state purchase of environmentally friendly commodities, services and technologies, as well as agency sustainability and stewardship programs (Executive Order No. 4).

BUILD SMART NY - Executive Order 88 to improve energy efficiency in state buildings 20 percent by 2020, by measuring building energy performance in all state buildings larger than 20,000 square feet and targeting the largest and poorest performing buildings for energy audits, efficiency upgrades and best operations and maintenance practices. The related Five Cities Master Planning Project seeks public input on ways to improve energy planning and coordination, energy distribution and supply, energy efficiency in buildings and transportation.

State Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Policy Act - Requires new or expanded publicly supported infrastructure (such as transportation, wastewater treatment, water, education, housing) to be consistent with smart growth public infrastructure criteria.

Adoption of California Vehicle Emissions Standards (See Important Links at the right side of this page). Standards that by 2016 will reduce GHG emissions from cars by 37 percent, and from light trucks by 24 percent.

Complete Streets - Requires state, county and local agencies to consider the convenience and mobility of all users when developing transportation projects that receive state and federal funding.

Green Leadership in Transportation Environmental Sustainability (GreenLites) - Rates transportation projects for environmental sustainability.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (15 by 2015) - Funds focused on acquiring energy efficiency savings and helping New York State achieve its energy efficiency targets.

Aerial view of the DEC building with Hudson River, I-787 and railroad bridge in background
DEC's Central Office is housed in a Leadership in
Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver
rated building in Albany. (Photo: NYSERDA)

NYSERDA Efficiency Services for Residents - Encourages customers to maximize the sustainability aspects of their homes.

NYSERDA Commercial New Construction program - Technical assistance and financial incentives for a permanent transformation in the design and construction of new and substantially renovated buildings are designed and constructed.

State Green Puchasing Program - Promotes state and municipal purchase of environmentally friendly commodities, services and technologies, and agency sustainability and stewardship programs.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard - Sets efficiency standards and provides funds for acquiring renewable energy and/or renewable energy attributes and helping New York State achieve its renewable energy target.

Aerial view of Higley Dam with lake and buildings
Higley Dam hydroelectric project received funding under
the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Program.
Large-scale projects providing power to the grid can
receive NYSERDA funding on a per-megawatt-hour basis
over 10 years of production. (Photo: NYSERDA)

Net Metering - Encourages clean energy by allowing electricity customers with qualified renewable energy systems to sell excess electricity back to a local utility.

NY Sun - Dynamic public-private partnership that will drive growth in the solar industry and make solar technology more affordable for all New Yorkers. Since NY Sun began in 2012, more solar PV has been installed or is under contract than in the entire prior decade.

New York's Energy Economy

System Benefits Charge/Technology and Market Development - Funds development of energy technology and markets for clean energy products and services.

NYSERDA Funding Opportunities - Gives New Yorkers access to funding and technical expertise for energy efficiency and renewable energy, promoting adoption of proven clean energy technologies and processes that reduce energy waste and save money while protecting the environment.

Energy Storage Research and Development - New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology (NY-BEST) Consortium - Industry-led, private-public coalition of corporate, entrepreneurial, academic, and government partners building a world-class advanced battery and energy storage sector, from R&D to commercialization.

NY Energy Highway and New NY Works - Leveraging state financial and technical resources to rejuvenate New York's electric power system, creating jobs and generating billions in private investment.

NY Green Bank - Enables greater private investment in New York State's growing clean energy economy by opening up financing markets and expanding availability of capital.

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