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Annual Well Report Submissions

Submitting Your Annual Well Report Electronically

Welcome to the eReportNY Program

Please see the instructions below for installing and using New York eReport. If you have utilized this program in previous years, please uninstall it via the Add/Remove Programs tool found in your computer's Control Panel, and then reinstall it following the instructions starting at step 5. The new program includes the most up to date company and purchaser/taker information, and will therefore be more accurate and easier to use. Please email us for your company's 2011 XML file and save it to your desktop. It is necessary for you to receive an updated xml file each year to reflect changes in your well counts.

Please read through all of the following information and instructions before starting. All computer files necessary for installing and running eReportNY can be download from the Department's ftp site from the blue embedded links. You will need an additional XML file that we will send to you via email. Please email us and we will send you this file, which contains all of your company and well information. After saving the XML file to your desktop, right click the file, then select 'Properties'. If the 'Read Only' box is checked, please uncheck it by clicking on the box.

You must have the following programs already installed on your computer before proceeding: a) the Windows Installer program; and b) the Microsoft.Net Framework 2.0. Please verify your installation by clicking Start - Settings - Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs. If you need the Installer program, please download it. If your computer is already set up with the .NET Framework 2.0, proceed to Step 4.

If you do not have the .NET Framework 2.0, or if you have the .NET Framework 1.1, follow Steps 1 through 4 first, then proceed with the eReportNY installation beginning with Step 5. If you skip this step and start to install eReportNY without having the .NET Framework 2.0 on your computer, it will not install the eReportNY program, and you will be prompted to install the .NET Framework 2.0.

1. You need to have installed the .net 2.0 framework. Once downloaded, double click the dotnetfx.exe file. In the next window (this may take a few moments), select 'Open' or 'Run' depending on your operating system.

.Net Instructions
.Net Security Screen

2. Click 'Next' to begin the installation.

.NET Setup Screen

3. Select the 'I accept...' button and click 'Install'.

.NET End-User agreement

4. Click 'Finish' after the .NET installation has completed.

.NET completion screen

5. Finally, download the eReportNY_Setup.msi file. This is a large file over 6 mb in length. Once the download is complete, double click the file to begin the eReportNY setup process. The file download window opens up (this may take a few moments). Select 'Open' or 'Run' as in Step 1.

6. Click 'Next'.

eReport setup screen

7. Please review the License Agreement, then select the 'I agree' button and click 'Next'.

eReport license agreement screen

8. Select the 'Everyone' button and click 'Next'.

eReport directory location screen

9. Click 'Next' to begin the installation.

eReport confirmation screen

10. After installation is complete, click 'Close'.

eReport completion screen

11. Open the eReportNY program (Start/Programs/NY eReport/NY eReport). You may find it helpful to place a shortcut to eReportNY on your desktop.

desktop example screen

12. Click 'File', then 'Open Dataset' - or you may also click 'Open Production Report'.

eReport program opening screen

13. Navigate to your desktop and select the XML file you previously copied there.

eReport file location screen

14. Your opening screen will look something like this (one line per grouping of county/town/field/formation).

eReport operator selection screen

15. This is what the spill-down looks like after clicking the 'plus' sign. Each 'plus' sign represents a distinct group of wells sorted by County, Town, Field, and Formation. Enter your data, beginning with months in production. The yellow highlights are quality control (QC) indicators. You must fill in months of production, water production, and oil/gas production, as well as the disposition data. Taxable gas is calculated, and is not editable.

eReport well data entry screen

16. There are also drop-down selections for both oil and gas purchaser/taker data - enter all purchaser data here. Please include any relevant comments.

eReport oil purchaser screen
eReport gas purchaser screen

17. After all of the well and purchaser/taker data has been entered, you will need to perform a quality control check by selecting the QC tab. For the example below, no gas production was entered. This caused a QC error. Please note that a volume must be entered for either oil or gas production. You must go back into Data Entry and enter the required information. Please check the QC tab again until all required data has been entered. If no QC errors exist this screen will be blank and you are ready to save the entered information.

eReport quality report screen

18. IMPORTANT: After you've entered your data, SAVE the dataset as indicated below.

eReport save data screen

19. There will be a confirmation message at the bottom left indicating that your XML file was saved.

THIS IS THE ELECTRONIC FILE YOU WILL RETURN TO THE DIVISION OF MINERAL RESOURCES. PLEASE NOTE THE FILE LOCATION (e.g. the desktop), SO YOU CAN RETRIEVE IT AND E-MAIL IT BACK TO US. You must also print the report, sign it, and mail us the hardcopy version, as denoted below.

20. After saving your dataset, you can view your printable report by clicking 'Reports', then 'Annual Production'.

eReport print report screen

21. This is what a completed Annual Well Report looks like. You can set the zoom level, as needed.

22. Print the report by clicking the Print icon. Remember to sign the report before sending it back to us. Please address and mail the report to:

Division of Mineral Resources
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
625 Broadway, 3rd Floor
Albany, NY 12233-6500

23. The program has an export feature that allows you to create a .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file of your report, which can also be printed and signed.

eReport report example screen

24. If exporting to a .pdf file, choose a location and name that you can readily recall in case you need to access it again. The default file name is 'NYProduction.pdf'.

eReport file location screen

25. On-line help for eReportNY is available (preferably via high-speed internet access) by selecting the 'Help' option.

eReport help information screen

26. This is the eReportRemote.NET opening help page on the VES website.

eReport offsite help screen

27. Operators who wish to use the advanced Microsoft Access capabilities for loading data, please read on. For operators who maintain an older Access (.mdb) database you must start with a new mdb file each year. A blank .mdb file is downloaded with the new codes in the new program. You cannot accurately modify a previous year's file.

Select Database tab; Ensure the Path to the dataset is the location as to where you saved your XML file.

file locations for access database screen

Select XML to Database; This will transfer your well data from the XML file to eReport.udl

Explore to C:\Program Files\GWPC\eReportNY\Data and you see the file eReport.mdb

file locations screen

Open the file eReport.mdb

eReport access system screen

Update existing tables using Access

eReport access update screen

After you have updated all the tables in access, ensure you have the proper Database connection and eReport XML Dataset locations.

Select Database to XML. Open the XML dataset and then perform the QC process (step 17 above) If no QC errors exist, the XML dataset should be save and forwarded to the Department.

eReport access output screen

Thank you for your assistance in providing this essential production data to the Division of Mineral Resources. If you have any questions or comments regarding the eReportNY program, or have other issues associated with the reporting of your annual well production data, please contact:

Donald Drazan or Amanda Trotter