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Documentation on Data Files

Division of Mineral Resources New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

The accompanying file, wellDOS.zip, updated nightly, consists of data from the Division of Mineral Resources Oil and Gas database. wellDOS.zip contains two files: wellspublic.csv and OilandGasMetadata.html. these files contain records, in the database, of wells that have been drilled.

Some well records contain confidential information and this has been replaced by the word "CONFIDENTIAL".

The file wells contains similar information as below.

The file type is csv to simplify importing into spreadsheet programs.

The first line of the file contains field names.

The latitude and longitude are in the NAD83 datum. Longitudinal values are negative (-) to reflect the correct geographical coordinate quadrant. [ an example for decimal longitude: -73.23541 , longitude in degs., mins., secs. -735230].

Geographic Data Set: Oil and Gas Wells
Description: This coverage contains data from the Division of Mineral Resources' Oil and Gas Wells permit files
Available: Statewide
Completion or Most Recent Revision Date: Dataset updated nightly (Monday - Friday).
Attribute Tables: Items (or Fields) in the Point Attribute Table
Contact: Division of Mineral Resources
625 Broadway, 3rd Floor
Albany, NY 12233-6500
Documentation Date: 22 October 2013

Usage Notes:

  1. This data has not been field verified but is expected to be within 300 feet of the actual well location. The data should not be used for precise determination of distances to buildings, property boundaries or other features. It is most useful for determining general locations of wells.

Attribute Tables

Items (or Fields) in the Point Attribute Table
Field Name Explanation
API_WELLNO 14-Digit API Number
CNTY 3-Digit County Code County Codes
HOLE 5-Digit API Number
SIDETRCK 2-Digit Sidetrack Code
COMPLETION 2-Digit Company Completion Code
WELL_NM Well Name
CONAME Well Owner
OPNO Well Owner Code
DT_APPROV Permit Approval Date
DT_SPUD Spud Date
DT_COMP Well Completion Date
WELL_TYP Well Type Well Type Codes
DTD Total Depth of Well in feet
WL_STATUS Well Status Well Status Codes
DT_STATUS Date of Assigned Well Status Code
DT_PERMIT_APPLICATION Date Permit Application Recieved
PERMIT_ISSUED Date Permit Issued/Approved
DATE_SPUDDED Date drilling began
DATE_TOTAL_DEPTH Date wellbore drilled to total depth
DATE_WELL_PLUGGED Date of Plugging
DATE_WELL_CONFIDENTIAL Date confidential status applied
CONFID Confidential Well Data Confidential Information Codes
QUAD USGS Quadrangle
QUADSEC Letter designation of USGS quadrangle section
PRODUCING_FORMATION Name of producing formation
FINANCIAL_SECURITY Does operator have financial security
SLANT Orientation of borehole
STATE_LEASE Lease owned by the state (Y/N)
PROPOSED_DEPTH Depth specified on permit application
WELLST Denotes well type code for mapping. Well Type Codes for Mapping
SURFACE_HOLE_LOCATION Specifies type of location point
SURFACE_HOLE_LONGITUDE Longitude of surface hole point (decimal degrees)
SURFACE_HOLE_LATITUDE Latitude of surface hole point (decimal degrees)
BOTTOM_HOLE_LOCATION Specifies type of location point
BOTTOM_HOLE_LONGITUDE Longitude of bottom hole point (decimal degrees)
BOTTOM_HOLE_LATITUDE Latitude of bottom hole point (decimal degrees)
TRUE_VERTICAL_DEPTH Total vertical depth to bottom of wellbore (TVD)
MEASURED_DEPTH Total measured length of borehole (TMD)
KICKOFF Depth of kickoff point
DRILLED_DEPTH Depth of botoom of wellbore
ELEVATION Elevation above sea level at the wellhead.
ORIGINAL_WELL_TYPE Well type specified on permit application
DEPTH_FEE Fee paid based on final depth of wellbore
SPACING Spacing required or exempt
SPACING_ACRES Acres specified in the spacing order
DT_MOD Last date record was modified
County Names and Codes
County Code County Name County Code County Name
001 Albany 061 New York
003 Allegany 063 Niagara
005 Bronx 065 Oneida
007 Broome 067 Onondaga
009 Cattaraugus 069 Ontario
011 Cayuga 071 Orange
013 Chautauqua 073 Orleans
015 Chemung 075 Oswego
017 Chenango 077 Otsego
019 Clinton 079 Putnam
021 Columbia 081 Queens
023 Cortland 083 Rensselaer
025 Delaware 085 Richmond
027 Dutchess 087 Rockland
029 Erie 089 St. Lawrence
031 Essex 033 Franklin
093 Schenectady 035 Fulton
095 Schoharie 037 Genesee
097 Schuyler 039 Greene
099 Seneca 041 Hamilton
101 Steuben 043 Herkimer
103 Suffolk 045 Jefferson
105 Sullivan 047 Kings
107 Tioga 049 Lewis
109 Tompkins 051 Livingston
111 Ulster 053 Madison
113 Warren 055 Monroe
115 Washington 057 Montgomery
117 Wayne 059 Nassau
119 Westchester 121 Wyoming
123 Yates 091 Saratoga

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Confidential Information Codes
Code Description
R Released
Y We have confidential information for 6 months.
E Confidential information is extended for an additional 18 months.
N Well does not have confidential information.

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Well Status Codes
Code Description
AC Active
AR Application Received to Drill/Plug/Convert
CA Cancelled
DC Drilling Completed
DD Drilled Deeper
DG Drilling in Progress
DH Dry Hole
EX Expired Permit
IN Inactive
NL Not Listed
NR Not Reported on AWR
PA Plugged and Abandoned
PI Permit Issued
PM Plugged Back Multilateral
RE Refunded Fee
RW Released - Water Well
SI Shut-In
TA Temporarily Abandoned
TR Transferred Permit
UN Unknown
UM Unknown Not Found
UL Unknown Located
VP Voided Permit

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Well Type Codes
Code Description
AB Abandoned Location
BR Brine
DH Dry Hole
DS Disposal
DW Dry Wildcat
GD Gas Development
GE Gas Extension
GW Gas Wildcat
IG Gas Injection Well
IW Enhanced Oil Recovery - Injection
LP Liquefied Petroleum Gas Storage
MB Monitoring Brine
MM Monitoring Miscellaneous
MS Monitoring Storage
NL Not Listed
OB Observation Well
OD Oil Development
OE Oil Extension
OW Oil Wildcat
SG Stratigraphic
ST Storage
TH Geothermal
UN Unknown

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Well Type Codes for Mapping (WellST Field in Attribute Table)
Code Description
CON Confidential
GW Gas Well
GWP Gas Well Plugged
OW Oil Well
OWP Oil Well Plugged
S Storage Well
SP Storage Well Plugged
SM Solution Brine Well
SMP Solution Brine Well Plugged
DH Dry Hole
O Other Well*
OP Other Well Plugged*

*Other includes: Injection, Stratigraphic, Geothermal, and Not Listed well types.
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