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Technical Guidance Memo 92-2 Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) - Fee Schedules

Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) - Fee Schedules
July 15, 1992


The purpose of this memo is to establish Division wide information fees for all FOIL requests. The increasing number of FOIL requests involving computer-generated responses, mapping and log copying has steadily required greater use of personnel and resources. The fee schedules in this memo are designed to more accurately reflect the actual cost of reproduction.


FOIL requests pertaining to paper and/or confidential records should be addressed through the designated Records Custodian. At the Central Office the Records Custodian is the Director of the Bureau of Oil and Gas Regulation.

The Director of the Bureau of Resource Management and Development will appoint one staff member who will develop and be responsible for handling FOIL requests for the mining program.

General FOIL charges

FOIL Charges
Specification Charge
Standard xerox copies (8½" x 11" or 8½" x 14") $0.25 per page
Copies from Xerox 2510 map copier paper 36" x 48" $10.00 each
paper 36" wide (continuous roll) $0.30 per inch
paper 24" x 36" $7.00 each
mylar 24" x 36" $9.00 each
log copies on continuous folded paper $0.50 per fold
Computer printouts (laser or dot matrix printouts) $0.50 per page
Double sided double density disk (materials cost) $5.00/disk

Computer FOIL Charges

To bring our FOIL charges into closer agreement with those assessed by other agencies providing computer-generated FOIL responses, we have researched billing and rate schedules and have developed standard timed queries for oil and gas and mining charges. If a FOIL request for other than a standard query is received, the requestor should be informed that the following charges will apply:

FOIL Charges for Computer Usage
Type Charge
Computer time $30/hour
Program development $46/hour
Cost of materials As noted above

Oil and Gas Standard FOIL Queries

An initial production query for individual well production has been developed giving year, well name, county code, API number, owner, decimal latitude, decimal longitude, producing formation, gas, oil, water and months in production information for a county/year. This query utilizes the gas well database and does not include oil well production. A second query was developed to cover oil wells and includes all listed items except gas, oil, water and months in production. It does include whether the oil well is active or inactive. The name of the queries are "standard.sql" and they and "standoil.sql" reside in the unix system under "u/wells/bin/sql" in the Central Office data management system. Computer FOIL requests received in the region will be processed through the Central Office PS/2 Model 80 rather than the regional computers. This will ensure a consistent database. Regional staff may run these queries and download them to their office via Kermit. Gas production data is now available as a free download.

Charges for Oil and Gas Standard FOIL Queries
Production Requests on Diskette Charge
Gas per county year $20.00
Oil per county year $15.00
Both oil and gas $35.00
Custom requests dependent on computer and programming time

Material and Charge
Plotter - well location maps Charge
Paper $30.00
Mylar $40.00

Any variations from the information provided in this query will be considered a non-standard FOIL request. All questions concerning non-standard computer FOIL requests will be addressed to the appointed staff member. That person will keep a record of non-standard FOIL requested information and review it periodically in order to develop additional "standard" production FOIL queries.

Mined Land Standard FOIL Queries

A standard query has been developed using IQ to generate a statewide list of mines. Paper copy charges are $10 for computer time plus $0.50 per page of computer paper; total charges are approximately $45, depending on length.

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