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Drilling Permit Application

All well owners must secure a Permit prior to commencing any regulated activity including preparatory work on either the access road or the well site.

  • Download the permit application (PDF) form (616 KB)
  • Download the instructions (PDF) (33 KB) for completing the permit application form. Note that the form requires location coordinates in decimal degrees. A tool to convert coordinates from degrees, minutes and seconds to decimal is available on the right-hand side of this page.

The application form, with original signature, must be submitted along with the items listed below. Unless otherwise specified, only one copy of each document is required:

  1. three copies of a plat (i.e. a survey map) certified by a New York licensed land surveyor or licensed professional engineer that shows the proposed well location, the boundaries of the lease or unit containing the well and information about other nearby wells;
  2. three copies of a map of the proposed spacing unit for oil or gas wells subject to Section 23-0501 of the Environmental Conservation Law (see applicant's checklist for spacing unit map);
  3. an Affirmation of Acreage Control and Rights in Target Formation for oil or gas wells subject to Section 23-0501 of the Environmental Conservation Law;
  4. the proposed drilling program, including the proposed casing, cementing, completion testing and stimulation procedures;
  5. a fee in accordance with the depth drilled or expected to be drilled (permit fee calculator ); and
  6. an Environmental Assessment Form.