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Division of Mineral Resources Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) for Well Permitting

All well owners must submit a completed Division of Mineral Resources' well permitting Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) (PDF) (248 KB) with the application for a permit to drill, deepen, plug back or convert. The completed EAF provides information about the physical setting of the proposed project, the general character of the land and land use, the projected size of the area that will be disturbed and the length of time the drilling rig will be on the site. The applicant must also describe on the EAF the procedures that will be used to construct the access road, supply water for drilling, contain and dispose of wastes and reclaim the site.

Information provided on the EAF allows the Department to evaluate the environmental impacts and site-specific concerns associated with the proposed drilling activity and determine whether special permit conditions, a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement or any additional Department permits are required.

Page 3 of the EAF form provides suggested sources of information for completing the form. Links to many of these information sources are provided on the right-hand side of this page.

Underground Gas Storage

The Division of Mineral Resources' Bureau of Oil and Gas Regulation requires a Full Environmental Assessment Form (PDF) (1,902 KB) be submitted by applicants for an Underground Storage Permit. This form is different than the one required with applications for well permits.