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Spacing and Integration Order Wilson Hollow Field

The Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Law requires public notice and hearing to implement field-wide spacing and integration rules when necessary to prevent waste, provide greater ultimate recovery of the hydrocarbon resource and protect the correlative rights of all owners, including landowners. Public hearings took place in Corning, New York, on April 10 and 11, 2001, on the matter of field-wide spacing and integration in the Wilson Hollow Field, located in the town of Hornby in Steuben County.

Operator: Fortuna Energy Inc.
Effective dates (Commissioner's Orders): 6/21/2001 and 9/13/2001
Unit Sizes for Wells Drilled Prior to the Commissioner's Orders: 497-635 acres
Unit Sizes for Wells Permitted Between 6/21/2001 and 8/2/2005: 320-640 acres, unless otherwise justified by reasonable geological and engineering evidence.
Minimum Spacing Between Wells Permitted Between 6/21/2001 and 8/2/2005: 1 mile, unless otherwise justified by reasonable geological and engineering evidence.
Extension Well Distance: 5 miles

UPDATE: The field-wide spacing rules set forth above were superceded, for wells permitted after August 2, 2005, by significant revisions to the well spacing provisions of the Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Law. Compulsory integration of the Hardy 1447-A, Chemung SRA 1 and Root 1514 units had not yet been completed on the effective date of the new provisions, which also significantly changed the procedures for compulsory integration. A public hearing to address compulsory integration within these three spacing units has been scheduled to take place in Horseheads June 23 and 24, 2008 (see hearing notice for details).

Extension Wells and Units

Interim Order dated January 31, 2003 (PDF, 69.6KB)
Establishes units for the Hardy 1447-A, Chemung SRA 1, and Root 1514 wells. Integration remains pending.

  • Exhibit B10 (PDF) Map of Root Spacing Unit. Jimerson 1 wellhead
  • Exhibit B9 (PDF, 112.6KB)
    Map of Chemung SRA 1 Spacing Unit.
  • Exhibit B8 (PDF, 113.4KB)
    Map of Hardy Spacing Unit.

Exhibit B7 (PDF, 110.6KB)
Map of Lederer Spacing Unit - No compulsory integration order is required for this approved spacing unit because it is 100% leased to the unit operator.

Order-Parker Unit dated January 10, 2002 (PDF, 10.2KB)
Establishes a unit for the Parker 1401 well.

  • Exhibit B6 (PDF, 99.9KB)
    Map of Parker Spacing Unit (revised 4/9/2002.)

Commissioner's Orders and Related Documents

Decision and Order dated September 13, 2001
Establishes the Fratarcangelo Spacing Unit and distribution of royalties therein.

Second Interim Decision dated August 8, 2001
Commissioner's determination that the matters raised by Buck Mountain Associates are without merit and are rejected. Directed staff to proceed with a Decision and Order establishing the Fratarcangelo Spacing Unit.

Decision and Order dated June 21, 2001
Establishes the Jimerson, Howe, Rice and VanVleet Spacing Units and distribution of royalties therein. Establishes procedures for future spacing and integration in Wilson Hollow Field.

Interim Decision dated June 5, 2001
Granted the request of Buck Mountain Associates for two weeks to file a brief in support of its appeal and granted Department staff's request for an opportunity to reply to Buck Mountain's brief. Directed staff to prepare a Decision and Order that encompasses the terms of the 12/27/00 stipulation and establishes the Jimerson, Howe, Rice and VanVleet Spacing Units.

Ruling dated May 3, 2001
Administrative Law Judge McBride's finding that no issues were raised at the April 2001 hearings which required further adjudication.

Stipulation between NYSDEC and Pennsylvania General Energy dated 12/27/2000 (PDF, 28.2KB)
Sets forth proposed spacing and integration rules for the field.

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