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Well Owner Requirements

You are responsible for submitting some initial paperwork, filing a short annual report form, keeping your records updated and informing the Division of Mineral Resources if there is an accident involving your well. You may also need to post financial security of either $2,500 or $5,000 depending upon the age and depth of the well. To get started, request a Well Transfer Information Package from the appropriate Division of Mineral Resources regional office.

Organizational Report - You must submit an Organizational Report to the Division of Mineral Resources' Albany office when you become the owner of a natural gas or oil well. This report tells the Division how to contact you, if necessary. You must update this form when the information changes.

Financial Security - The Division of Mineral Resources will determine the need for financial security for any unplugged oil or gas well. Financial security is a bond, certificate of deposit or other form of guarantee that the money will be available to plug your well when necessary. The amount of financial security is based on the number of wells you own and their depth. Once a well is plugged or legally transferred to another owner, your financial security is returned. Contact the appropriate Division of Mineral Resources regional office for assistance in determining your well's financial security requirements.

Well Transfer Approval Form - The person selling or giving you the oil or gas well must submit a Well Transfer Form to the Division of Mineral Resources' Albany office that has been signed by both of you in the presence of a notary public. The Division will not approve the transfer until it has received your Organizational Report and any required financial security. Division staff may also inspect the well first to make sure it complies with State regulations

Annual Well Report - Every year you must fill out an Annual Well Report indicating how much gas, oil and waste fluids your well produced. The Division of Mineral Resources' Albany office mails out the report forms in January. Completed forms are due March 31.

Request for API Number - You need your well's American Petroleum Institute (API) identification number to complete the Annual Well Report. Older wells may not have an API number assigned to them. Contact the appropriate Division of Mineral Resources regional office for help in determining your well's API number and to request assignment of a number.

Non-Routine Incident Report - If you have a leak, spill, fire, or other accident related to your well, you must immediately notify the appropriate Division of Mineral Resources regional office and file a written report. You may be required to take specific steps to solve the problem.