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Required Reports

Reports to DEC by well owners form the basis of the Department's program to maintain compliance with the Oil, Gas and Solution Salt Mining Law.

Annual Well Report

All well owners must submit a completed form no later than March 31. After January 1, each registered well owner is mailed a preprinted copy of their Annual Well Report. The owner must complete the Report and return the original back to the Division. This form is used to report:

  1. whether each unplugged well was active or inactive during the year,
  2. the volume of oil, gas and water produced or injected, and
  3. the disposition of the produced fluids.

This information is used by the Division to calculate statewide production volumes and to track environmental compliance. The Division provides copies of these forms to the appropriate County Tax Directors. The Tax Directors and local assessors use the oil and gas production information to calculate the local real property tax owed by well owners.

The Division also offers several other ways to file in addition to the preprinted report.

The following blank forms for New York well owners to file their Annual Well Report are available:

  • An adobe acrobat version of the Annual Well Report form (PDF, 935 KB) can be filled in on-line and then printed for signing and submitted to the Division.

The Division still requires a printed copy with your signature on it for legal filing purposes. The ability to include an electronic version either by disk or e-mail attachment will greatly speed our data entry. Please e-mail us if you have any questions on electronic filing.

Using the eReport: Electronic Annual Well Report

The Division offers well owners the ability to file Annual Well Reports completed on your computer. It is necessary to download files to complete this. Please contact the Division for further information on this matter at (518) 402-8072 or click on the "email us" button in the right hand link box.

Instructions for Using the annual Well Report Electronic Version

This report version was prepared in Adobe Acrobat. You can print it out and fill it in as you would the paper version. In addition, you can fill it out on your computer and print it with data you have entered. To do this, you will need the latest version of the free Adobe Acrobat Viewer.

To Start: Position your cursor in the first field entitled "Organization Number". Enter your Organization Number and hit Tab. This will bring you to the next field entitled "Owner".

NOTE: Be sure to use the Tab key. Hitting Return will result in your having to reposition your mouse in the next field:

  • 3 Returns will bring you to the Instructions
  • 3 Shift Returns will bring you back to the form
  • Down Arrow and Right Arrow will bring up instructions
  • Up Arrow and Left Arrow will bring you back to form

Continue to enter the information requested in each field and hit Tab after each entry.

Designate well type "Oil", "Gas", "Wat" by entering an "x" in the appropriate column.

Use the format xxx-xxx-xxxx for telephone numbers so they will fit in the entry box.

To return to a field: reposition your mouse or hit Shift Tab.

Completing and printing the form:

  • You will need to file a separate form for each unique town, field and formation.
  • Be sure to print the form out as you complete each page. The Division still requires a printed copy with your original signature on it for legal filing purposes.
  • Please note that you can not save the data that you type into this version of the form, so remember to keep copies of your submissions.

We plan to provide this option next year, along with other enhancements. In the meantime, please e-mail us if you have any comments or suggestions.

Download the Annual Well Report Form (PDF) (935 KB)

Well Drilling and Completion Report

All well owners must submit a completed form within 30 days after the completion of any well. Along with site inspections conducted during important phases of the drilling operations, information provided on this form allows the Division to verify that the well owner complied with the approved drilling and completion programs, thereby protecting ground water and other environmental resources from adverse impacts. Each completion report must be accompanied by two copies of each log run on the well bore, including interpretation logs.