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Solution Salt Mining Summary

Solution Salt Mining

Salt and How it is Mined

Approximately 8,500 square miles of New York State are underlain by rock salt beds of potential commercial thickness. Salt is mined in New York via two methods: underground rock salt mining and solution mining. New York typically ranks third in total salt mined among the salt-producing states in the United States.

Where the Salt Is Found

New York's salt deposits occur layered with shale, dolomite, and anhydrite in the lower part of the Silurian-aged Salina group. The Salina group outcrops in an east-west band from near Buffalo and Rochester through Syracuse to Herkimer County. The salt is approximately 4,000 feet deep at the New York/Pennsylvania border.

Where Solution Mining Occurs

Solution mining operations for salt recovery currently take place at two fields in Schuyler County and three fields in Wyoming County.
The solution mining method has also been used and is planned for future use to create underground caverns for storing natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. This use is not included in the well and production statistics compiled below.

How Solution Mining Works

Fresh water is injected into the salt beds, through wells which are similar in construction to oil and gas wells, to dissolve the salt. The resultant brine is then pumped to the surface.


Well Summary

Plugged wells at current facilities: 237
Unplugged wells at current facilities: 159

Brine Production

Fresh water injected: 1.98 billion gallons
Brine withdrawn: 1.94 billion gallons

How the Salt Is Used

Brine is brought to the surface for evaporation or chemical manufacturing. Salt mined in New York State is used for chlorine and soda ash production as well as for food products and for a wide range of market segments, including agricultural, water conditioning, industrial and chemical, and packaged ice control. Customers range from home improvement, hardware, grocery and convenience store retailers, to food makers/processors, water conditioning dealers, and food service and general wholesale distribution.

The Department estimates that the annual value of salt production from solution mining in New York is approximately $100 million.

map showing underground gas storage and solution salt mining fields for 2011 including solution mining, lpg storage and natural gas storage
Map of underground gas storage and solution mining fields.
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