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New York Natural Gas & Oil Production

On-line Production Data Options

New York requires the operator of an oil or gas well to file an Annual Well Report before March 31st each year for well status and production values for the previous calendar year. Status and production values are confidential for the first six months after a reporting period. The Division attempts to post that data on our site shortly after July 1 of each year. The Division of Mineral Resources has been providing digital production data since 1986. We continue to offer this data in several formats. These formats include our searchable on line database with production histories from 1985 forward, zipped annual production files in dbase format also from 1985 forward and historic summary production data from 1967 through 1999. The scanned PDF copies of these reports can also be found through the Empire State Oil and Gas Information System (ESOGIS). See the link on the right side of this page "Links Leaving DEC's Website." Please contact us with any questions on these options.

2012 well status and production values were posted to the searchable database and available for zipped downloads on July 1, 2013

Searchable On-line Database

The searchable oil and gas on-line database offers users the ability to tailor information searches. In 2008, the production search capabilities were expanded to include production data from 1985 forward for gas wells and higher volume oil wells and and all oil and gas production wells after 2000. Extensive help on this application is available from within this application.

Yearly Oil and Gas Production Files (zipped format)

Each zipped file contains all the gas wells, for all counties, that were reported to the Division for that year. Click on a year to download that file. The file format is given below

1985 zip file - 41 kB
1986 zip file - 129 kB
1987 zip file - 152 kB
1988 zip file - 134 kB
1989 zip file - 163 kB
1990 zip file - 165 kB
1991 zip file - 171 kB
1992 zip file - 172 kB
1993 zip file - 173 kB
1994 zip file - 174kB
1995 zip file - 376 kB Revised 10/30/07
1996 zip file - 169 kB
1997 zip file - 168 kB
1998 zip file - 167 kB
1999 zip file - 171 kB
2000 zip file - 177 kB
2001 zip file - 183 kB
2002 zip file - 285 kB Revised 07/01/2013
2003 zip file - 294 kB Revised 07/01/2013
2004 zip file - 290 kB Revised 07/01/2013
2005 zip file - 294 kB Revised 07/01/2013
2006 zip file - 302 kB Revised 07/01/2013
2007 zip file - 311 kB Revised 07/01/2013
2008 zip file - 325 kB Revised 07/01/2013
2009 zip file - 324 kB Revised 07/01/2013
2010 zip file - 328 kB Revised 07/01/2013
2011 zip file - 331 kB Revised 07/01/2013
2012 zip file - 314 kB Posted 07/01/2013

The files are in db3 format with the following fields:

API_WellNo, County, Company Name, Hole Number, Side track, Completion, Well Type, Field Name, Well Status, Well Name, Town, Producing Formation, Months in Production, Gas Volume (mcf), water (bbl), oil (bbl), Year. Each individual years sorted by County, and than by Company Name. Please save the file to your local hard drive before manipulation. This data has been key punched by Department staff or received in an electronic format. From 1985 to 1999 all gas wells are reported and only higher volumes oil wells (typically Bass Island production.) From 2000 forward all oil and gas wells reported by a company are included.

Summary Production Data

The Division first collected oil and gas production data in 1967. This data was collected by Company Name, County, Town, Field, Formation, Lease and Production Volumes. These data were summarized for various reports. the Division has keypunched this summary data and offers it in a zipped dbase file format. The summary production history files (Revised 9/10/2009 zip file 726 MB) contains production records from 1967 to 1999 when the summary system was abandoned.

The files are in db3 format with the following fields:

Company Name, Production Year, Date Keypunched, Company Number, County Code, Town, Field Name, Producing Formation, Number of Oil Well Active, Number of Oil Wells Inactive, Number of Gas Wells Active, Number of Gas Wells Inactive, Number of Injection Wells, Number of Disposal Wells, If Wells were for Self Use, Oil Volume (bbl), Gas Volume (mcf), Water Volume (bbl), Buyer Code, Comment. This was summary data keypunched for the Division's use and has not been verified for quality control purpose.