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Oil, Gas or Solution Salt Mining Well Operatorship

Any operator of an unplugged well must file an Organizational Report and may be required to post Financial Security, regardless of who originally drilled the well. A Request for Transfer of Well Plugging Responsibilities must be signed by both the buyer and seller and approved by the Division of Mineral Resources when a well is sold or otherwise changes operators. The change in operatorship will not be recognized until the new operator has filed an organizational report and any required financial security and the Division has determined that the well is in compliance with all applicable state regulations.

More about Oil, Gas or Solution Salt Mining Well Operatorship:

  • Well Owner Requirements - You are responsible for submitting some initial paperwork, filing a short annual report form, keeping your records updated and informing the Division of Mineral Resources if there is an accident involving your well. You may also need to post financial security of either $2,500 or $5,000 depending upon the age and depth of the well. To get started, request a Well Transfer Information Package from the appropriate Division of Mineral Resources regional office.
  • Safety Tips for Well Owners - NEVER hook up a natural gas well to your house without adequate equipment. For assistance, contact a well service company. REMEMBER that natural gas straight from a well has NO ODOR. Pipeline gas smells because of an added ingredient.
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