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Notice Of Public Comment Period Extension

New York State Department Of Environmental Conservation

APPLICANT: Cobleskill Stone Products, Inc. - Schoharie Quarry ADDRESS: PO Box 220, 112 Rock Road, Cobleskill, NY 12043

Permits applied for and application numbers: Mined Land Reclamation, State Air Facility, Section 401 Water Quality Certificate, DEC #4-4342-00001/000019

Project description and location: The applicant has applied for a modification to an existing Mined Land Reclamation Permit, and State Air Facility Permit for an existing rock quarry. The applicant proposes to increase the Life of Mine Boundary at it’s 86 acre Schoharie Quarry by approximately 69 acres. The quarry is located on Eastern Ave in and immediately east of the Village of Schoharie in the Town of Schoharie. The expansion extends southward across Rickard Hill Road, directly east of and adjacent to the Village limits. The proposed modification would include moving the primary crusher to the expansion area and the addition of a new tertiary crusher of approximately 400 tons per hour capacity. The new crusher is designed to produce different grades of stone products and is proposed to operate alternatively with currently permitted crushers and not increase the production capacity of the facility. The project will require modifications to the existing Mined Land Reclamation and State Air Facility Permits and a Section 401 Water Quality Certificate for the proposed disturbance of Federally regulated wetlands. The Department has prepared a draft State Air Facility Permit which may be reviewed, along with the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and supporting documentation, at the locations listed below. The application, draft air permit, and supporting documentation are available at the Town of Schoharie, Town Clerk’s Office, 300 Main Street, Schoharie, NY 12157, Schoharie Library, Bridge Street, Schoharie, NY 12157, and the NYS DEC Region 4 Sub-Office, 65561 State Highway 10, Stamford, NY 12167. In addition, pursuant to recent SEQR amendments, effective February 26, 2006, all Draft Environmental Impact Statements are required to be posted on the world wide web for accessibility by interested parties. Therefore, the full DEIS is available online at for review at www.griggs-lang.com/schoharie .

The public comment period for the proposed Schoharie Quarry Expansion project by Cobleskill Stone Incorporated has been extended to March 27, 2007. Anyone who wishes to submit written comments on the application should do so by- 4:00 PM - on March 27 2007 by mail. fax or e-mail at r4dep@gw.dec.state.ny.us. Comments should include specific information relative to the project.

STATE ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY REVIEW (SEQR) DETERMINATION: SEQR - 3 - Project is a Type 1 action and a Draft Environmental Impact Statement has been prepared. A coordinated review has been performed

SEQR LEAD AGENCY: NYS Dept. Of Environmental Conservation - Region 4

STATE HISTORIC PRESERVATION ACT (SHPA) DETERMINATION: SHPA - 4 A cultural resource survey has been completed. Based on the information provided in the report, the New York State Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation has determined that the proposed activity will have no impact on registered or eligible Archaeological sites or historic structures. No further review in accordance with SHPA is required.

AVAILABILITY FOR PUBLIC COMMENT: The application may be reviewed at the address to the right. Written comments on the project must be submitted to the Contact Person by no later than: March 27, 2007

CONTACT PERSON: KENT P. SANDERS, DEPUTY REGIONAL PERMIT ADMINISTRATOR, NYSDEC REGION 4 - Environmental Permits, 25561 State Highway 10, Stamford, NY 12167, Phone 607-652-7741, E-Mail r4dep@gw.dec.state.ny.us.