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Consolidated SPDES Renewals

Public Notice

County: Essex
Lead Agency: NYS DEC
Project Title: DEC Region 5 Reports of Administration Use of Motor Vehicles and Aircraft in the Forest Preserve

Contact: NYS DEC
PO Box 296, Route 86
Ray Brook, NY 12977
Phone: 518-897-1276
Fax: 518/897-1370

Project Location: NYS DEC, Route 86, Box 296, Ray Brook, NY 12977

Brief Project Description: In compliance with DEC Commissioner Policy - 17, the activity logs documenting the administrative use of motor vehicles and aircraft within the Forest Preserve in DEC Region 5 for 2006 are available for review by contacting Thomas D. Martin, Regional Forester, NYS DEC, 1115 State Route 86, PO Box 296, Ray Brook, NY 12977 - Phone: (518) 897-1276.

Public Scoping

This Notice is issued pursuant to Part 617 of the implementing regulations pertaining to Article 8 (State Environmental Quality Review Act) of the Environmental Conservation Law.

The Planning Board of the Town of Chester, as SEQR lead agency, has scheduled a public scoping session for the purpose of providing for public input on the draft written scope for the preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed action described below. The action in question was the subject of a resolution of Positive Declaration adopted by the Lead Agency Town of Chester Planning Board on May 18, 2005, pursuant to an authorization of April 25, 2005. Pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding with the Town of Monroe Planning Board, that agency will also be in attendance at said scoping meeting.


Description of Action: Bellevale Cluster Plan – Subdivision of a tract of land consisting of 9 Tax Map Parcels (eight in the Town of Chester and one in the Town of Monroe) totaling 274+ acres into 162 residential dwellings consisting of single family fee simple detached housing units and open space. 149 units will be located in the Town of Chester and 8 units will be in the Town of Monroe. Access will be by new roads to be constructed off Lakes Road (Co. Rte. 5), Gibson Hill Road (Co. Rte. 82), Camp Monroe and Trout Brook Roads, as well as direct access off Lakes, Camp Monroe and Trout Brook Roads. The project is to be serviced by both central water and sewage disposal facilities.

Site Location: At the southeasterly portion of the Town of Chester and the southwesterly portion of the Town of Monroe, along Lakes Road (Co. Rte. 5) and running northwesterly to the intersection of Bellevale and Gibson Hill Roads (County Rte. #82), Town of Chester Tax Maps Section 15, Block 1, Lots 4.1, 24, 25, 26, 27.1, 27.4 & 27.2 and Section 28, Block 3, Lot 4, and Town of Monroe Tax Map Section 37, Block 1, Lot 1.

Web-Address for Draft Scope: A draft written scope has been prepared with input from the Lead Agency Town of Chester Planning Board, the Town of Monroe Planning Board and their consultants, and the applicant. That scope is available to review online at the following web address: http://timmillerassociates.com/publicreview/bellevale and a link will soon be posted at the Town of Chester’s website. Comments are invited on the draft scoping document and will be accepted orally or in writing at the public scoping meeting, or in writing to the Lead Agency prior to the scoping meeting.

Date and Location for Public Scoping Session: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 at 7:30 PM, in the auditorium of Chester High School, 64 Hambletonian Avenue in Chester, NY 10918. (845) 469-2231

For Further Information:

Lead Agency Contact: Barry Sloan, Acting Chairman, Planning Board
Address: PO Box 58
Sugar Loaf, NY 10981
Telephone Number: (845) 469-8200
Chester, New York Barry Sloan, Acting Chairman
May 18, 2005 Planning Board
Town of Chester