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Negative Declaration

Wyoming County - The Town of Warsaw, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed 2006 Amendments to the Town of Warsaw Zoning Law will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. A public hearing was held on December 27, 2006. The action involves said law promotes the effective and efficient use of the Town's wind energy resources through wind energy conservation devices and regulates the placement of such systems so that the public health, safety and welfare will not be jeopardized. This law also supplements and better defines the current treatment of commerical communicaiton towers, along with adding a procedure for site plan review, refinedment of the land use plan, corrects inconsistencies with swimming pools and makes other additions and amendments which were not previously address in the zoning law. The project location is the Town of Warsaw.

Contact: Ron Smith, Town of Warsaw, 27 N. Main Street, Warsaw, NY 14569, e-mail: odavidmd@rochester.rr.com.