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Consolidated SPDES Renewals

Public Notice

County: Essex

Lead Agency: NYS DEC

Project Title: Minerva - Newcomb Snowmobile Trail Construction Project

Contact Person: Peter Frank
(518) 473-9518

Project Location: Town of Minerva

Project Description: The action involves the construction of a snowmobile trail between State Route 28N (across from the existing trailhead for the Stony Pond snowmobile trail) and Northwoods Club Road (near the Boreas River) in order to facilitate snowmobile access between Minerva and Newcomb. The project includes construction of an approximately 2.75-mile snowmobile trail from Route 28N to an existing woods road (referred to herein as the Lot 118 woods road) and the installation/repair of trail structures along the approximately 0.85-mile woods road, which connects to Northwoods Club Road. The new trail location was designed to minimize environmental impact. The project was included in the Unit Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement for the Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest, which was approved April 2005. The project requires the cutting of approximately 236 trees with a three inch or greater diameter at breast height. (The median diameter of trees to be removed is 4" dbh. Eighty percent of the trees to be removed are between 3" and 6" in diameter).

This notice is in compliance with the policy LF-91-2 , Cutting, Removal or Destruction of Trees on Forest Preserve Lands. The New York Natural Heritage Program does not have any record of threatened or endangered species in the project area nor are there wetlands in the project area.

Negative Declaration

Clinton County - The New York State Department Of Environmental Conservation, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Clinton Quarry will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves Graymont Materials (NY), Inc. (Graymont) proposing to develop and operate a new, 27 acre surface mine, over a seven year period, involving extraction of consolidated sandstone material. The site is part of a 105 acre parcel owned by the project sponsor. The mining operation will involve blasting as well as onsite processing, including crushing and screening. Concurrent reclamation will occur as areas are mined, with the mine floor being reclaimed to grassland, surrounded by exposed rock faces ranging from 15 to 35 feet high. The project is located west side of Lost nation Road, approximately 950 feet north of the Lost Nation Road and Merchia Road intersection, Town of Clinton, Clinton County.

Contact: Denise M. Wagner, New York State Department Of Environmental Conservation, Rt. 86, PO Box 296, Ray Brook, NY, phone: (518) 897-1234, fax: (518) 897-1394, e-mail:dmwagner@gw.dec.state.ny.us.