Completed Applications
Consolidated SPDES Renewals

Negative Declaration

Rockland County - The Town Board of the Town of Orangetown, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Orangeburg Commons Mixed Use Project will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the development of an approximately 15.8 acre site, at the intersection of NYS Route 303 and the Palisades Interstate Parkway, with mixed non-residential uses. The proposed uses consist of two separate hotels totaling 160,000 square feet, food related uses of 15,000 square feet, two retail buildings totaling 45,000 square feet and a drive through bank of 3,700 square feet. The site is presently zoned Light Industrial (LI). This mixed use development is authorized in the LI zone at such interchange areas by Special permit of the Town Board. The project is located at the State Route 303 and Palisades Interstate Parkway Interchange (exit 5).

Contact: Thom Kleiner, Orangetown Town Hall, 26 Orangeburg Road, Orangeburg, NY 10962, phone: (845) 359-5100, ext. 261.

Sullivan County - The New York State Department of Transportation, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Project Identification Number 9067.09, NYS Route 17 Conversion To I 86, SH 5296, Liberty Village, SH 5322, Monticello-Liverty, Part 2 Towns of Liberty and Thompson will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves:

1. Improvement of available horizontal clear zone width supplemented with the installation of guide rail, median barrier and bridge rail. Select improvements to highway signing and removal of any signing that does not comply with Interstate signing practices.

2. Interchange 100A: The Preferred Alternative is to eliminate the 100A WB exit ramp to vehicular traffic (Average Annual Daily Traffic of 756 vehicles per day) and retain the EB entrance ramp, which is used primarily by the emergency vehicles stationed at the adjacent NY State Police Barracks adjacent. The Village and Town of Liberty as well as the New York State Police and adjoining citizens support this alternative as opposed to creation of a full four-way interchange. The Implementation of this alternative would not result in any Social, Economic or Environmental impacts.

3. Interchange 100: The Preferred Alternative for the 100 WB entrance ramp, is to acquire property for the control of access along Clements and Triangle Roads. This will require that driveways be limited to specific locations outside of the control of access zone. Only minor modifications will be made to the existing intersection of Clements and Triangle Roads. The non-conforming acceleration lane on the westbound mainline will be lengthened to meet current design guidelines and Bridge Identification Number (BIN) 1013620, which carries the westbound entrance-ramp over the Middle Mongaup River, will be replaced using a temporary structure to maintain traffic flow. Coordination with NYSDEC over in-stream work restrictions (typically April 30 to October 1) will be conducted during Final Design.

There are two Route 17, Interchange 100 EB, entrance ramps. The first is a slip ramp from eastbound NYS Route 52 to eastbound NYS Route17 and the second is a loop ramp from westbound NYS Route 52 to eastbound NYS Route 17. The Preferred Alternative for the two Interchange 100 EB entrance ramps will close the Route 52 EB slip ramp and realign the Route 52 WB loop ramp to intersect NYS Route 52 at approximately 90 degrees. A turn lane would be constructed for eastbound traffic turning left onto the NYS Route 17 entrance ramp. The acceleration lane for the loop ramp "runs into" the acceleration lane of the slip ramp, which is of non-standard length. The Preferred alternative provides an adequate acceleration lane length devoid of the current overlapping merge situation.

4. Interchange 101: The Preferred Alternative for the 101 EB ramps is to replace the oddly configured intersection of the ramps, County Route (CR) 71 and CR 175 with a single lane Modern Roundabout. The Preferred Alternative includes lengthening the nonconforming EB acceleration lane from its existing 220 meters (m) to just over 750 m. Although short of the recommended, grade adjusted length of 1,127 m, there is no history of accidents attributable to grade or the non-conforming length.

The Preferred Alternative includes retention of the existing 101 WB exit ramp in its current configuration. Addition of a corresponding 101 entrance ramp was considered but not selected because of the proximity of Interchange 100 (less than 750 meters), the projected low volume usage, and the operational problems associated with weaving between successive entrance/exit ramps

There are no adverse Social, Economic or Environmental Considerations associated with this Preferred Alternative.

5. The Preferred Alternative includes;

Replacement of BIN 1013619, which carries NYS Route 52 over NYS Route 17, on a raised vertical profile, which provides a minimum 5.05 m vertical clearance over NYS Route 17. The new structure will provide widths which match the roadway approach work, new sidewalks, and typical section currently being constructed under PIN 9021.15.

Replacement of BIN 1013670, the Queen Mountain Road structure, on a raised vertical profile, which provides a minimum 5.05 m vertical clearance over NYS Route 17.

Replacement of BIN 1013660, the Twin Bridge Road structure, on a raised vertical profile, which provides a minimum 5.05 m vertical clearance over NYS Route 17. The structure will be placed on a slightly shifted horizontal profile in order to avoid stage construction.

Bridge railings and/or median barrier issues will be corrected on BIN 1013601, 1013602, 1013640 and 1013659. These will be upgraded to correct existing structural deficiencies and satisfy NCHRP 350 requirements.

There are no adverse Social, Economic or Environmental Considerations associated with this Preferred Alternative.

Work on NYS Route 17 will extend from the western limit at RM 17 9609 1164 (just east of Exit 99) and the eastern project limit is at RM 17 9609 1220 (just west of Exit 102). This segment of NYS Route 17 is located in the Towns of Thompson and Liberty.

A Design Report (DR) was prepared and circulated for review and comment on December 14, 2004. A Public Hearing was conducted at the Liberty Central High School in Liberty, NY on June 27, 2006. The questions and concerns raised as a result of the circulation of the DR and those received in response to the Public Hearing have been addressed in the September 2006 Final Design Report (FDR).

The Department has determined that this project will not have a significant effect on the environment. The project was classified as Non-Type II due to the closure and removal of the Interchange 100A WB Exit Ramp. All analysis necessary to determine that the project will not have a significant effect on the environment has been completed and documented in the FDR.

Contact: Doug Bickford, NYS Department of Transportation - Region 9, 44 Hawley Street, Binghamton, NY 13901-3200

Notice of Acceptance Of Final EIS

Sullivan County - The Fallsburg Town Board, as lead agency, has accepted a Final Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Preparation and Adoption of 2006 Comprehensive Plan for Town of Fallsburg. The Comprehensive Plan and Final GEIS are available for public viewing on the Town of Fallsburg Website at www.townoffallsburg.com. Copies will also be made available at the Town Library and Town Hall. To view a printed copy of the Comprehensive Plan and DGEIS, please contact: The Town of Fallsburg, 19 Railroad Plaza, P.O. Box 830, South Fallsburg, NY 12779-0830, phone: (845) 434-8812. The action involves creation of new Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Fallsburg, New York which includes recommendations for revisions to its land use policies.

Contact: Steve Levine, Town Hall, 19 Railroad Plaza. South Fallsburg, NY 12779, phone: (845) 434-8812, fax: (845) 434-8835.