Completed Applications
Consolidated SPDES Renewals

Conditioned Negative Declaration

Ulster County - The Town of Ulster Planning Board, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Landing Woods Subdivision/Site Plan/Special Permit will not have a significant adverse environmental impact provided specific conditions are met. There will be a 30 day public comment period commencing with the date of this notice. The action involves approval of a special use permit to develop 130 townhouse-style dwellings, 2 to 6 dwellings per building, plus a major subdivision approval to create lots for each townhouse on two abutting vacant parcels having a total area of 31.43 acres. Two means of access are proposed onto state and town highway systems. Central sanitary utilities (private waster, town sewer) will be provided. The project is located at Route 32, Town of Ulster, New York, Hamlet of Whittier, Ulster County.

The conditions are:

Contact: Frank Almquist, Town of Ulster Planning Board, Town Hall, 1 Town Hall Drive, Lake Katrine, NY 12449, phone: (845) 340-3885, fax: (845) 340-3886.

Positive Declaration

Orange County - The Town Board of the Town of Wallkill, as co-lead agency with the City of Middletown, has determined that the proposed Annexation Petition by Mt. Hope Development Corp and Montrose VA Project, LLC may have a significant adverse impact on the environment and a Draft Environmental Impact Statement must be prepared. The action involves a rezoning o the Territory or parts thereof from the Town of Wallkill zoning or the City of Middletown Zoning, depending upon the outcome of their petition, and the extension of municipal water and sewer service to the Territory which is not currently available from the Town of Wallkill, in order to develop a minimum of three hundred residential dwelling units if the Territory remains in the Town of Wallkill, or to develop several times that number of residential units pursuant to an anticipated zoning change to UR-3, if the Territory is annexed into the City of Middletown. The territory to be annexed and developed consists of 145 acres of vacant land. The property is located within the R1 and R2 zones under the Town of Wallkill Zoning Code. The project site is located on 145 acres of vacant land located on both sides of County Highway 78, and west of Mt. Hope Road in the Town of Wallkill, designated as Town of Wallkill Tax Map Section 69, block 1, Lots 64.2, 64.3 and 70 and a portion of Section 69 Block 1 Lot 69.

Contact: Louisa Ingrassia, Town of Wallkill, 99 Tower Drive, Building A, Middletown NY 10941, phone: (845) 692-7800, fax: (845) 692-2546.

Positive Declaration And Public Scoping

Westchester County - The Town of New Castle Town Board, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Chappaqua Crossing (Proposed Multi-Use Development on Former Reader's Digest Headquarters Site) may have a significant adverse impact on the environment and a Draft Environmental Impact Statement must be prepared. A public scoping session will be held on:

At the New Castle Town Hall, 200 South Greeley Avenue, Chappaqua, New York 10514

Written comments on the proposed DEIS Scoping Document will be accepted until 4:30 P.M. on Friday, October 6, 2006. Comments may be submitted electronically at chapxscope@town.new-castle.ny.us, or may be mailed to the attention of the Town Clerk, Town of New Castle, 200 South Greeley Avenue, Chappaqua, New York 10514.

The action involves potential adoption of amendments to the Town Development Plan, potential adoption of text and map amendments to the Town of New Castle Zoning Ordinance to establish a new zoning district designation, and potential approval of a subdivision, site development plan and environmental permits required to implement a proposed site-specific development plan. The proposed new zoning district would not include the existing restriction on maximum number of tenants in the office space that is now part of the B-RO-20 District provisions. This combination of actions is required and/or proposed by the Applicant in order to authorize redevelopment of the subject site as a multi-use project composed of 454,000 square feet of multi-tenancy office space in an existing office building (including 225,000 square feet to be occupied by Reader's Digest under a long-term lease); the demolition of 154,200 square feet of existing office space, an existing 10,400 square foot maintenance building, two existing single-family dwellings and several existing parking areas; the construction of up to 348 two- and three-bedroom residential dwelling units, 80% of which are proposed to be restricted in occupancy to persons aged 55 years and older; the construction of a new clubhouse; and the implementation of other ancillary site improvements such as buffer landscaping. Of the total number of proposed residential units, 284 are proposed to be located in six multi-story buildings (four or more stories) with underground parking; the remaining 64 dwelling units are proposed to be two-story townhouses with individual garages.

Primary access to the subject site is proposed from Bedford Road (Route 117) and Roaring Brook Road just east of the Saw Mill River Parkway; emergency access is proposed from Roaring Brook Road approximately opposite the existing access drive to Horace Greeley High School. The subject property includes the 114-acre Reader's Digest corporate campus, one additional undeveloped 2-acre lot and four adjoining residential properties that total approximately 119.7 acres in the aggregate. The subject site is located in the B-RO-20 and the R-1A Zoning Districts. The project is located at 480 Bedford Road, Chappaqua, Westchester County, New York.

Contact: Gennaro Faiella, New Castle Town Board, Town of New Castle, 200 South Greeley Avenue, Chappaqua, NY 10514, phone: (914) 238-4742, fax: (914) 238-2354.

Notice Of Acceptance Of Final EIS

Ulster County - The Town of Ulster Town Board, as lead agency, has accepted a Final Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Extension of Frank Sottile Boulevard. The action involves extension of a County Road to complete the plans prepared for the Town's road improvement district (Development Facilitation Improvement District #1). The majority of the roads were constructed in 1992 and 1993. This proposal will complete the road system in stages, by extending Frank Sottile Boulevard over Route 199 to a connection with Route 9W opposite Grant Avenue. The project is located at the northeast quadrant interseiont of Routes 9W and 100 in the Town of Ulster.

Contact: Daniel Shuster, Town Hall, Town Hall Drive, Lake Katrine, NY 12449, phone: (845) 340-3885.