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Federal Targeted Watersheds Grant Program

Targeted Watersheds Grant Program Call for Applications

The following is a correction to the notice that was released in the August 30, 2006 Environmental News Bulletin.

1. The Capacity Building Grant Program applications do NOT need a Governor’s nomination letter. Applications should be sent directly to the United States Environmental Protection Agency by October 16, 2006.

2. A single copy of the Implementation Grant Program applications must be submitted to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in order to obtain a nomination letter from the Governor. Multiple copies do NOT need to be submitted to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

3. Applicants are responsible for submitting their own applications to the EPA by the grants deadline.


The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has issued a call for applications for the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Targeted Watersheds grant program. EPA is continuing the program by issuing the fourth call for nominations of watershed proposals. Up to $19 million will be made available in grants to watershed-based restoration and protection projects aimed at improving water quality throughout the country. Watershed project proposals selected for funding will be awarded up to $900,000 each over a three- to five-year period. The EPA requires a 25% non-Federal match for this program.

The 2006/2007 Targeted Watershed Grant is divided into two separate programs:

The DEC is requesting Implementation Grant Program applications for nomination by Governor George E. Pataki. Nominations must be submitted by a governor or tribal leader. This year EPA is lifting the restriction that only two intrastate/intratribal nominations may be submitted. Governors and tribal leaders may nominate an unlimited number of meritorious proposals. States and tribes may solicit watershed proposals in the manner most appropriate to their state/tribe.

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the Department using EPA’s criteria. The DEC will consider applications that meet the requirements exactly as identified in the Federal Register for a) Format b) Required Elements and c) Non-Federal match requirement.

To submit Implementation Grant Program applications for possible nomination by Governor Pataki, send an electronic copy to DEC at: wqipuser@gw.dec.state.ny.us with the subject line: Targeted Watersheds Grant Program.

Visit EPA’s Targeted Watersheds Grant Program website at http://www.epa.gov/owow/watershed/initiative/ for information on the requirements for the Implementation Grant Program and Capacity Building Grant Program, and a Frequent Questions page for both project types.

Contact Information:

DEC: Robert Simson (518) 402-8271; rjsimson@gw.dec.state.ny.us
EPA: Cyndy Kopitsky (212) 637-3832; kopitsky.cyndy@epa.gov

Public Comment

Availability for Comment on a Draft Impaired Waters Restoration Plan/TMDL for Acid Rain Lakes

This notice announces the availability of a DRAFT Impaired Water Restoration Plan/Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) proposed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for Acid Rain Lakes in the NYS Adirondack Forest Preserve. Public comment on this documents will be accepted for 30 days, through September 15, 2006.

BACKGROUND: States are required by Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act and USEPA implementing regulations (40CFR Part 130) to develop TMDL plans for waterbodies and pollutants where water quality standards are not being met. By definition, a TMDL specifies the allowable pollutant loading from all contributing sources (e.g., point sources, nonpoint sources, and natural background) at a level necessary to attain the applicable water quality standards with seasonal variations and a margin of safety that takes into account any lack of knowledge concerning the relationship between the sources of the pollutant and water quality. In essence, a TMDL defines the assimilative capacity of the waterbody to absorb a pollutant and still meet water quality standards.

The proposed Impaired Water Restoration Plan/TMDL for these acid rain lakes outlines a "phased" TMDL. Phased TMDLs represent an iterative adaptive management approach. Such an approach is appropriate in situations where the complexity of establishing allowable pollutant loadings creates significant uncertainty and the likelihood that TMDL loadings will be revised as additional information is collected.

INFORMATION: Copies of the proposed draft plans can be obtained by contacting the NYSDEC Bureau of Watershed Assessment and Management by mail at 625 Broadway, 4th Floor, Albany, NY 12233-3502, or by phone at 518-402-8179, or via email at dmwicker@gw.dec.state.ny.us. Please specify that you are interested in reviewing/commenting on the Acid Rain Lakes TMDL document. Comments on these draft plans can be submitted to the Bureau of Watershed Assessment and Management, ATTN: Jeff Myers, at the above address.