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Availability for Comment on a Draft Impaired Waters Restoration Plan/TMDL for Acid Rain Lakes

This notice announces the availability of a DRAFT Impaired Water Restoration Plan/Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) proposed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for Acid Rain Lakes in the NYS Adirondack Forest Preserve. Public comment on this documents will be accepted for 30 days, through September 15, 2006.

BACKGROUND: States are required by Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act and USEPA implementing regulations (40CFR Part 130) to develop TMDL plans for waterbodies and pollutants where water quality standards are not being met. By definition, a TMDL specifies the allowable pollutant loading from all contributing sources (e.g., point sources, nonpoint sources, and natural background) at a level necessary to attain the applicable water quality standards with seasonal variations and a margin of safety that takes into account any lack of knowledge concerning the relationship between the sources of the pollutant and water quality. In essence, a TMDL defines the assimilative capacity of the waterbody to absorb a pollutant and still meet water quality standards.

The proposed Impaired Water Restoration Plan/TMDL for these acid rain lakes outlines a "phased" TMDL. Phased TMDLs represent an iterative adaptive management approach. Such an approach is appropriate in situations where the complexity of establishing allowable pollutant loadings creates significant uncertainty and the likelihood that TMDL loadings will be revised as additional information is collected.

INFORMATION: Copies of the proposed draft plans can be obtained by contacting the NYSDEC Bureau of Watershed Assessment and Management by mail at 625 Broadway, 4th Floor, Albany, NY 12233-3502, or by phone at 518-402-8179, or via email at dmwicker@gw.dec.state.ny.us. Please specify that you are interested in reviewing/commenting on the Acid Rain Lakes TMDL document. Comments on these draft plans can be submitted to the Bureau of Watershed Assessment and Management, ATTN: Jeff Myers, at the above address.

Positive Declaration And Public Scoping

Rensselaer County - The City of Rensselaer Planning Commission, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Cottage Hill Landing residential development may have a significant adverse impact on the environment and a Draft Environmental Impact Statement must be prepared. A public scoping session will be held on September 11, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. at the City of Rensselaer Community Center first floor meeting room, 62 Washington Street, Rensselaer, NY. All present will have the opportunity to be heard. Individuals with special needs who wish to attend the public hearing and meeting should call the Planning and Development Agency at 465-1693 by noon on September 11, 2006. The action involves construction of 33 townhomes, 147 condominiums, and an open space recreational area on a 29.6 acre parcel (tax parcen number 144.534-5-1) located on Cottage Hill Street and Partition Street in the City of Rensselaer, Rensselaer County, New York. All homes will be served by municipal water and sewer. A portion of the site is a former municipal landfill. The site is currently vacant, consisting of forest and grassy areas resulting from the remediation efforts.

Contact: Marybeth Pettit, Planning, City Of Rensselaer, 505 Broadway, Rensselaer, NY 12144, phone: (518) 465-1693.

Notice Of Acceptance Of Final EIS

Albany County - The City of Albany Planning Board, as lead agency, has accepted a Final Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed St. Peter's Hospital Proposed Pavilion/Entry Renovation and Addition. The action involves the applicant seeking Site Plan Approval to allow for the construction of an addition and renovations to an existing hospital. The property is located in a C-O Commercial Office zoning district. The project consists of a six-story 275,000 sf addition; a new entry on the south face of the existing building and a new public connection from the entry to the new tower, the adjacent professional office building and the existing hospital. The project is located in the City of Albany, Albany County on the southeast corner of the intersection of New Scotland Avenue and S. Manning Boulevard (sbl # 64.81-3-1 and 75.25-1-1).

Contact: Douglas Melnick, City of Albany Department of Development and Planning, 21 Lodge Street, Albany, NY 12207, phone: (518) 434-2532 ext. 15.

Rensselaer County - The Sand Lake Town Board, as lead agency, has accepted a Final Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Town of Sand Lake Comprehensive Plan Update. The action involves an update to the Town's Comprehensive Plan, which sets forth policy recommendations pertaining to Future Land Use; Hamlet Centers; Rural Character, Open Space, and the Environment; Economic, Housing, and Community Sustainability; and Infrastructure and Community Services within the Town. It sets forth a vision, specific goals, objectives, and recommendations, a general future land use map, and a plan for implementation.

Contact: Chris Kronau, PO Box 273, Sand Lake, NY 12153, phone: (518) 674-2026.