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Clean Water Projects - Round 9 Information for Applicants and Applications for State Assistance Payments for Water Quality Improvement Projects

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (Department), has issued application materials for use by municipalities, Soil and Water Conservation Districts and Not-for-Profit Corporations in applying for state assistance payments toward the cost of Water Quality Improvement Projects in the following potential funding categories: the Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) and the Bond Act.

Eligible projects in Round 9 include: Nonagricultural Nonpoint Source Abatement and Control, Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) Phase II Stormwater Permit Implementation, Water Quality Management, Municipal Wastewater Treatment and Aquatic Habitat Restoration. Pursuant to the State Environmental Quality Review Act, the Department has determined that this action will not result in any significant environmental impacts.

Statewide, the Environmental Protection Fund will provide $5.5 million for nonpoint source abatement and control projects, for assistance to regulated communities across the state with implementation of Stormwater Phase II permit requirements and water quality management projects. In addition, the Environmental Protection Fund includes $7 million for the state share costs of wastewater treatment improvement projects undertaken by municipalities to upgrade municipal systems to meet stormwater discharge requirements with priority given to systems that are in violation of Title 8 of Article 17 of the Environmental Conservation Law and aquatic habitat restoration projects undertaken by municipalities and not-for-profit corporations for aquatic habitat restoration projects as defined in Sub-division 1 of Section 56-0101 of the Environmental Conservation Law.

Applications for Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer Systems (MS4s) Stormwater Phase II Permit Implementation and Nonagricultural Nonpoint Source Abatement and Control projects submitted in April 2005 (Round 7) and March 2006 (Round 8) will be rolled over and considered in Round 9.

The application materials consist of:

Application materials for Water Quality Improvement Projects have been mailed to each municipality in the state. Copies are also available by calling the Departmentís Division of Water at (518) 402-8185 or visiting DECís website at www.dec.state.ny.us/website/dow/wqip.html . All project applications must be postmarked by October 20, 2006.