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Negative Declaration

Onondaga County - Onondaga County, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Clinton Street Sewer Improvement Project will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The purpose of the Project is to minimize or eliminate untreated discharges of combined sewage from entering Onondaga Creek and Onondaga Lake. The proposed project will be designed to eliminate or substantially decrease the negative impacts of 11 existing combined sewer overflow discharge points along Onondaga Creek within the City of Syracuse, Onondaga County. The project involves the construction of a regional treatment and storage facility and installation of associated conveyance pipelines that will transport the flow to the treatment and storage facility. Two of the existing 11 overflow points will be permanently closed. The County is undertaking this project pursuant to a Federal Amended Consent Judgment dated January 20, 1998. The location for the treatment and storage facility is land that is currently used for surface parking with a street address of 102 Dickerson Street. In addition, installation of the proposed conveyance pipelines will take place on nearby streets and properties to include: portions of West Fayette Street, Walton Street, W. Jefferson Street, West Street service road, Tully Street, Dickerson St., Gifford Street, W. Onondaga Street , S. Clinton, Adams Street, a surface parking lot located between W. Fayette and Walton Streets, a surface parking lot located between Walton and W. Jefferson Streets, lands located between W. Onondaga St. and Dickerson Street, surface parking lots located between Gifford Street and Dickerson Street and property located between Adams St. and W. Onondaga St. All improvements will be located in the City of Syracuse, Onondaga County.

Contact: Richard L. Elander, Onondaga County Dept. of Water Environment Protection, 650 Hiawatha Boulevard West, Syracuse, New York 13204-1194, phone: (315) 435-2260, fax: (315) 435-5023.