Completed Applications
Consolidated SPDES Renewals

Public Notice

Notice of Proposed Permit and Transmission to EPA

Project Title: International Paper Ticonderoga Mill - Proposed Tire Derived Fuel Test
DEC # 5-1548-00008/00081

Brief Project Description: The Department of Environmental Conservation has completed its review, following public notice and an opportunity for public comment, of an application to modify the Title V Air Permit issued to the International Paper Ticonderoga Mill facility to conduct a two-week test burn to evaluate the use of tire derived fuel in the mill’s power boiler. The Department has prepared a Responsiveness Summary and a proposed permit. On July 27, 2006 the Department forwarded the proposed permit to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its 45 day review. For further information, interested parties can obtain a copy of the letter to EPA, the Proposed Permit and the Responsiveness Summary at: www.dec.state.ny.us/website/dcs/eisanddp/index.html.

Project Location:

International Paper Ticonderoga Mill
568 Shore Airport Road
Ticonderoga, NY 12883

Location: The facility is located on Shore Airport Road approximately 3 miles north of Ticonderoga.

Contact Person:

Michael J. McMurray
NYSDEC Region 5 Headquarters
1115 NYS Rt 86
Ray Brook, NY 12977
Phone: (518) 897-1234
E-mail: r5dep@gw.dec.state.ny.us

Adirondack Park Agency Completed Applications

Applicant: WJS Trust
1532 Route 30
Tupper Lake, NY 12986

Office: Adirondack Park Agency
P.O. Box 99, Route 86
Ray Brook, NY 12977
Phone: (518) 891–4050

Contact: George Outcalt, Jr.

Project Number: 2006-78

Project Title: WJS Sand Pit

Location: NYS Route 30, Town of Tupper Lake, Franklin County

Comment Period Ends: August 17, 2006

Project Description: The project is the mining of about 81,000 cubic yards of sand from an existing sand pit located on the east side of NYS Route 30, in the Town of Tupper Lake about 3,000 feet south of Moody Bridge. The applicant proposes to remove the sand from the pit primarily for use in the Town of Tupper Lake Sewer District 23 project and the proposed reconstruction of Route 30 in the immediate vicinity of the project site. The proposed life of mine is five years, but it is estimated that most of the sand will be removed by the end of 2008 (20,000± cubic yards of sand in 2006 and 60,000± cubic yards in 2007 and 2008). The applicant proposes that the mine will operate Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. No crushing or screening operations are proposed to occur at the project site. An existing dirt road provides access to the project site.

Applicant: Daniel Christmas/Christmas & Associates James Chamber

Office: Adirondack Park Agency
P.O. Box 99, Route 86
Ray Brook, NY 12977
Phone: (518) 891–4050

Contact: Michael P. Hannon

Project Number: 2005-257

Project Title: Daniel Christmas/Christmas & Associates

Location: Cook Corners- River Road and Tooley Pond Road, Town of Clifton, ST. Lawrence

Comment Period Ends: September 17, 2006

Project Description: The project involves an eight-lot subdivision of a 791± acre parcel in a Resource Management/Rural Use land use area. Lot sizes will range from 30-248± acres in size. Each lot will be authorized one single family dwelling with a footprint of no larger than 1850 square feet in size, to include decks and porches, and no taller than thirty feet in height. Accessory structures will also be allowed only in the approved building envelope. All remaining principle building rights associated with the project site will be associated with Lot 8.

Applicant: James H. Bernard and Susan D. Lacy

Office: Adirondack Park Agency
P.O. Box 99, Route 86
Ray Brook, NY 12977
Phone: (518) 891–4050

Contact: Thomas E. Saehrig

Project Number: : 2005-0305

Project Title: James H. Bernard and Susan D. Lacy

Location: South side of Lacy Road - Town of Keene, Essex County

Comment Period Ends: August 17, 2006

Project Description: The project consists of a three-lot subdivision of 42.7 acres creating a 30.8 acre lot, a 7.0 acre lot and a 4.9 acre lot. The 30.8 acre lot is developed with a pre-existing single family dwelling and accessory structures, a new single family dwelling and related development is proposed on the 7.0 and 4.9 acre lots.

Negative Declaration

Saratoga County - The Stillwater Town Board, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Stillwater Comprehensive Plan will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves adoption of the Stillwater Comprehensive Plan. The Plan includes and Inventory & Analysis, Projection of Growth, Identification of Issues, Vision and Recommendations for consideration by the Town.

Contact: J. Gregory Connors, Town Hall, PO Box 700, Stillwater, NY 12170, phone: (518) 664-6148, fax: (518) 665-0287.

Washington County - The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, as lead agency, has determined that proposed sea lamprey control treatment of the Poultney River will not have a significant, adverse environmental impact. The action involves control of the abundance of sea lamprey in the Poultney River by application of chemical lampricides. It is part of a broader lake-wide, integrated sea lamprey control program for Lake Champlain, and continues, with minor modifications, stream and delta treatments first initiated in 1990 pursuant to a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) titled "Use of Chemical Lampricides in a Temporary Program of Sea Lamprey Control in Lake Champlain with an Assessment of Effects on Certain Fish Populations and Sportfisheries" and as described in its Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS) titled "A long-term program of sea lamprey control in Lake Champlain", published in 2001 pursuant to NEPA. No significant adverse impacts were identified during the eight-year program covered by the FEIS. Fundamental mitigation strategies established in the FEIS and FSEIS will be continued. In the Poultney River, these mitigation strategies include utilizing reduced lampricide concentrations demonstrably below levels shown to negatively affect invertebrate and fish species of potential concern, including the Threatened eastern sand darter. Treatments on other tributaries were addressed in a previous environmental assessment whose SEQR notice was published in 2002. This environmental review addresses the potential for Poultney River-specific tributary treatments in either spring or fall, as well as the use of Bayluscide in combination with TFM to reduce overall pesticide usage in the Poultney River. As indicated in the FSEIS, the Poultney River would be treated with lampricides beginning in 2007 at the earliest and only if wounding rate objectives on walleye or salmonids in Lake Champlain are not achieved, and if viable alternatives to lampricides are not available.

Stream Stream Miles * County Townships
Poultney River 10.5 Washington Whitehall, Hampton

*Miles refers to the length of stream to be treated from application point to mouth.

Contact: Lance Durfey, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Regional Fisheries, P.O. Box 296, 1115 Rt. 86, Ray Brook, NY 12977, phone: (518) 897-1333, e-mail: lxdurfey@gw.dec.state.ny.us.