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County: Onondaga

Lead Agency: NYSDEC

Project Title: Control of Undesirable Vegetation on Split Rock Unique Area

Contact Person: Daniel J. Sawchuck
Address: NYS DEC
2133 County Route 22
Altmar, New York 13302
Phone Number: (607) 753-3095

Project Location: Town of Onondaga, on Onondaga Boulevard

Project Description: Application of herbicides Glyphosate (Round Up Pro) to control and rid the site of undesirable, introduced, non-native and invasive vegetation [Black Swallowwort ] or if Swallowwort mortality rates are not as high as desired, Garlon 4 may be used during the following two years. The sites total .6 acres on Split Rock Unique Area in the Town of Onondaga. This action will begin efforts to kill the undesirable vegetation that is threatening to shade the areas populated by the Hartís Tongue Fern ( Asplenium scolopendrium). The only vegetation to be controlled is the non-native Black Swallowwort. The impact on public health is minimal. The areas involved are not usually visited by the public. The herbicide applicator is a licensed applicator who will follow herbicide label instructions. Time and application rate will be determined by the applicator and be according to label instructions.