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Herkimer County - The Town of Russia Town Board, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Adoption of a local law to create a Municipal Use District will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves a new zoning district allowing municipal building as a permitted use as an addition and amendment to Local Law #2 of 1982 titled "Zoning Ordinance Local Law", and to acquire land within said proposed municipal use district from Katherine Bushnell and other land in said proposed municipal use district, if available, and municipal construction upon said properties. The Municipal Use District will allow the construction of structures owned by the Town for use as town offices, highway garage, de-icing material storage facility, or recreational area, subject to a special use permit. Under the current Land Use Regulation, municipal uses are not allowed anywhere in the town outside of the Village of Poland. Initially, this project will involve the relocation of the existing highway garage from the Village of Poland to the Municipal Use District being created under this action. This first stage is expected to commence approximately in May of 2007, and construction is expected to be completed within nine months. Eventually, the town offices may also relocate from the village to the Municipal Use District. No decision has been made regarding this second stage, and therefore no timetable has been established for commencement or completion. For planning purposes, a start date of May 2012 has been assumed for the second phase, and construction is not expected to last more than nine months. This zoning amendment affects approximately 46 acres. Two acres will be developed initially, with up to five acres eventually affected The remainder of the property will be left undeveloped. The project is located on State Rt. 28, Town of Russia.

Contact: Frances Donley, Town of Russia, P.O. Box 126, Poland, NY 13431, phone: (315)826-3432, fax: (315) 826-3614, e-mail: barleyj@ntcnet.com.