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Consolidated SPDES Renewals

Notice of Public Comment Period

Proposed Well Spacing Variance

PROJECT DESCRIPTION AND LOCATION: GREAT LAKES ENERGY PARTNERS, L.L.C. ("Great Lakes" or "Applicant") has applied for a well permit and variance to the well spacing requirements set forth in New York State Department of Environmental Conservation ORDER #69-2 ("Order") to drill the Taylor 1 (API 31-011-23145-00-00) Trenton natural gas well on acreage to be designated as the Taylor Unit in the Town of Cato, Cayuga County, New York. The Applicant proposes to drill, complete and produce the well, but needs a variance from the well spacing provisions set forth under the Order. The Department of Environmental Conservation ("Department") and Great Lakes have agreed to a Stipulation dated March 27, 2006, regarding the granting of a well spacing variance. This Stipulation is binding on the Applicant and its successors and assigns. In view of the executed Stipulation, the Department supports the granting of the requested variance and issuance of the well drilling permit.

PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD: All persons, organizations, corporations or government agencies which may be affected by the proposed Project are invited to submit written comments on the Applicant’s proposal. The public comment period will remain open until SATURDAY, APRIL 15, 2006. Written comments should be submitted to: JOHN K. DAHL, DIRECTOR, BUREAU OF OIL AND GAS REGULATION, DIVISION OF MINERAL RESOURCES, 3rd FLOOR, NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION, 625 BROADWAY, ALBANY, NEW YORK 12233-6500 (telephone 518-402-8056; fax 518-402-8060).

If no substantive and significant issues are identified regarding the proposed Project at the end of the comment period, the Department will issue a permit to drill the Taylor 1 well at the proposed location subject to site-specific conditions as warranted.

Issuance of the permit to drill will protect correlative rights of all interest owners, prevent waste, and provide for greater recovery of the natural gas resource in accordance with the policy provisions of the Environmental Conservation Law (“ECL”) §23-0301.

DOCUMENT AVAILABILITY: All filed documents (including the permit application, the variance request and the executed Stipulation) are available for inspection during normal business hours at the Department’s Division of Mineral Resources, 625 Broadway, 3rd Floor, Albany, New York 12233-6500 (518-402-8056), Contact: Thomas E. Noll; at the Department’s Region 8 Headquarters, 6274 East Avon-Lima Road, Avon, New York 14414 (585-226-5376), Contact: Linda Collart; and at the Town of Cato, 11320 Shortcut Road, Cato, New York 13033 (315-626-6230), Contact: Charles Ray.

STATUTORY AND REGULATORY PROVISIONS: The application was filed and is being processed pursuant to ECL Article 3, Title 3 (Department of Environmental Conservation, General Functions, Powers, Duties and Jurisdiction); Article 8 (Environmental Quality Review); Article 23 (Mineral Resources); 6 NYCRR Part 550 et seq. (Mineral Resources); and Part 617 (State Environmental Quality Review).

Negative Declaration And Public Hearing

Broome County - The Planning Board of the Town of Dickinson, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed application submitted by Glenwood Development, LLC, will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. A public hearing will be held on April 18, 2006 at 6:00 p.m. at the Dickinson Town Hall, 531 Old 842 Front Street, Binghamton, NY. The action involves a subdivision of a 40.02 acre parcel of land at Glenwood Road (Town of Dickinson Tax Map No. 143.52-1-28) into 99 semi-attached and detached single family residential lots ranging in size from 0.102 acres to 1.142 acres, constitutes a Type I action and will not have a significant adverse environmental impact.

A 4,110 foot (.78 mile) long road is proposed with an intersection at Glenwood Road in the Town of Dickinson. An 8-inch water service is proposed to serve all of the lots with Town of Dickinson municipal water and will connect to the existing water main in Glenwood Road. An 8-inch sanitary gravity sewer main will connect to the existing sanitary sewer in Glenwood Road. Stormwater will be directed through a closed system to an extended detention pond and discharged to the existing stormwater system in Glenwood Road.

Contact: Catherine C. Schaewe, Town of Dickinson, P.O. Box 1864, Binghamton, NY 13902, phone: (607) 724-3211.

Negative Declaration

Onondaga County - Onondaga County, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Harbor Brook Sewer Improvement Project will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The purpose of the Project is to minimize or eliminate untreated discharges of combined sewage from entering Harbor Brook and Onondaga Lake. The proposed project will be designed to eliminate or substantially decrease the negative impacts of 18 existing combined sewer overflow discharge points along Harbor Brook within the City of Syracuse, Onondaga County. The project involves the construction of two regional treatment/storage facilities, associated conveyance pipes, five floatables control facilities, upgrading of pump stations and the replacement of a section of the Harbor Brook Interceptor Sewer. Six of the existing combined sewer overflow points will be permanently closed. The County is undertaking this project pursuant to a Federal Amended Consent Judgment dated January 20, 1998. One of the regional treatment/storage facilities will be located near the corner of Delaware and Amy Streets on the City's west side and the second facility will be located along State Fair Boulevard between Hiawatha Boulevard and W. Genesee Street. Four floatable control facilities will be located near the brook in the reach between Seymour and W. Fayette Streets to handle CSO points #009, 010, 011 and 013. One Floatables Control Facility to handle CSO #063 will be located along Emerson Ave. between Chemung St. and Erie Boulevard. All improvements will be located in the City of Syracuse, Onondaga County.

Contact: Richard L. Elander, Onondaga County Dept. of Water Environment Protection, 650 Hiawatha Boulevard West, Syracuse, NY 13204-1194, phone: (315) 435-2260, fax: (315) 435-5023.

Onondaga County - The Town of Cicero Planning Board, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed zone change at 8075 Route 11, Town of Cicero, Onondaga County, tax map number 045-01-01.1, from General Commercial to Regional Commercial will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The proposed zone change will affect 14.5± acres and is in connection with the applicant’s proposal for developing a Target store. The applicant has agreed to deed restrict the size of the building on the parcel to 130,000 square feet. The Planning Board has determined that continued growth and development in the area will result in increased congestion along Route 11 but that the improvements proposed by the Applicant will mitigate traffic impacts from this project.

Contact: Pat Leone, Chairman, Town of Cicero Planning Board, PO Box 1517, Cicero, NY 13039, phone: (315) 699-2201.