Completed Applications
Consolidated SPDES Renewals

Public Notice

County: Montgomery
Lead Agency: NYSDEC

Project Location: Former Fultonville Metal Products Company
Formerly known as White Mop Wringer Company, Inc.
182 Riverside Drive
Fultonville, New York 12072
EPA ID No.: NYD002076214

Contact Person: Alex Czuhanich
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
Division of Solid and Hazardous Materials
Bureau of Hazardous Waste and Radiation Management
625 Broadway, 9th Floor
Albany, New York 12233-7258
Telephone: (518) 402-8594
Email: agczuhan@gw.dec.state.ny.us

PROJECT SUMMARY: In March, 1991 the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) issued a Permit that required the White Mop Wringer Company to conduct a groundwater monitoring program at its Fultonville, New York facility to address groundwater contamination resulting from historic facility operations, specifically the operation of three surface impoundments to store treated wastewater and wastewater sludge. Subsequent data collected under the Permit indicated that groundwater contaminant concentrations were decreasing toward groundwater protection standards established by NYSDEC. In October, 1999, in lieu of re-issuing the Permit, NYSDEC determined that a more limited groundwater monitoring program should continue at the facility and issued an Order on Consent to carry out such a program. Subsequent data collected under the Order indicates that groundwater contaminant concentrations are now near or below groundwater protection standards established by NYSDEC, are continuing to decrease, and that no known source for further contamination remains at the facility. In December, 2004 the property was sold to Parron Properties of New York, LP and institutional measures were put in place to protect future users of the property.

TENTATIVE DETERMINATION: NYSDEC has determined that the former White Mop Wringer Company has fulfilled its obligations under the Order on Consent and that no further remedial action or monitoring is required at the facility with respect to the aforementioned contamination.

DOCUMENT AVAILABILITY: Copies of relevant documents are available for inspection at NYSDEC, Division of Solid and Hazardous Materials, 625 Broadway, Albany, New York 12233-7258 (contact person: Alex Czuhanich, 518-402-8594), and at NYSDEC Region 4 Office, 1150 Westcott Road, Schenectady, New York 12306 (contact person: Margaret Rogers, 518-357-2347).

HOW TO PROVIDE YOUR COMMENTS: Interested persons may submit written comments or request a public hearing on the proposed determination. All comments will be considered when making the final decision for further action at the facility. Comments or a request for a hearing must be sent either to Mr. Czuhanich or Ms. Rogers by close of business, December 9, 2005. A response to any comments submitted will be issued which will describe and respond to the issues raised, and will identify any changes to the proposed action.

Negative Declaration

Columbia County - The Columbia County Department of Public Works, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Columbia County Airport Obstruction Removal Project will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the removal to ground level of natural vegetation and obstacles of known objects that are located within the approach to Runway 3 at the Airport according to the Obstruction Study, Columbia County Airport, Town of Ghent drawings prepared by C&S Engineers, Inc. and dated April 2001. The project will involve the removal of 13 acres of trees. Approximately 8 acres of vegetation removal will occur in wetland areas. The proposed project involves work at the Columbia County Airport located in the Towns of Claverack and Ghent, Columbia County, New York.

Contact: David S. Robinson, Columbia County Department of Public Works, 401 State Street, Hudson, New York 12534, phone: (518) 828-7011, fax: (518) 828-2245.