Completed Applications
Consolidated SPDES Renewals

Notice of Public Comment Period

Draft Policy on Public Hearing Processes for Oil and Gas Well Spacing and Compulsory Integration This notice announces the availability for review and comment of a DRAFT Department of Environmental Conservation Program Policy regarding the Public Hearing Processes for Oil and Gas Well Spacing and Compulsory Integration. Public comment on these documents will be accepted for 30 days, through November 25, 2005.

Background: Article 23 of the Environmental Conservation Law was amended on August 2, 2005, and provides a framework for key decisions to be made about participating in the costs and obligations of drilling an oil and/or gas well before a well is drilled. This policy provides guidance to Department staff for the initiation and conduct of public hearings for oil and gas well spacing and compulsory integration. The processes detailed in this policy apply only to spacing unit proposals and integration hearings associated with well permits issued on or after August 2, 2005.

Information: Copies of the draft policy can be obtained by contacting the NYSDEC Division of Mineral Resources by email at dmnog@gw.dec.state.ny.us, by mail at 625 Broadway, 3rd Floor, Albany, NY 12233–6500, or by phone at 518–402–8056. The policy documents are available on the NYSDEC website at: www.dec.state.ny.us/website/dmn/cominteg.html.

Contact: John Dahl, Director, Bureau of Oil and Gas Regulation, NYSDEC, 625 Broadway, 3rd Floor, Albany, NY 12233–6500, phone: (518) 402–8056.

Environmental Board Meeting

The State Department of Environmental Conservation hereby gives notice that a meeting of the Environmental Board will be held at 2:00 p.m., November 9, 2005 in Room 629 of the Department’s main offices at 625 Broadway, Albany, New York.

The Environmental Board will consider the following rulemaking action of the Department of Environmental Conservation:

This meeting is open to the public.

Ruth L. Earl
Executive Secretary
State Environmental Board

Notice Of TAGM Recision

Following review of its Technical Administrative Guidance Memoranda (TAGM), the Division of Solid & Hazardous Materials (Division) in the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (Department) has rescinded the following TAGMs. Rationale for recision specific to each TAGM is provided below:

Contact: J. Michael Munson, New York State Department Of Environmental Conservation, Division of Solid and Hazardous Material, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233, phone: (518) 402-8711.

Meeting Notice

Meeting of: The New York City Watershed Protection and Partnership Council East of Hudson Sporting Advisory Committee.

Date: Thursday, November 17, 2005 at 1:00 PM.

Location: The Watershed Protection and Partnership Council Offices
2 John Walsh Boulevard, Suite 206
Peekskill, New York 10566

Public Notice

Pursuant to Title 3, Article 49 of the Environmental Conservation Law, the Department of Environmental Conservation hereby gives public notice of the following:

Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Section 49-0305(9) of the Environmental Conservation Law, of the Department's intent to acquire a Conservation Easement from SP Forests, LLC, over certain lands located in the Town of Altamont, Franklin County; and Towns of Wells, Arietta and Lake Pleasant, Hamilton County, New York.

For further Information contact:
John P. Keating, Superintendent
Bureau of Real Property
NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation
625 Broadway, 5th Floor
Albany, New York 12233-4256
(518) 402-9442

Public Notice


The Department has finalized the Program Policy in relation to 6 NYCRR Parts 612-614 and 595-599. In order to enhance compliance with the Petroleum Bulk Storage ("PBS") and Chemical Bulk Storage ("CBS") regulations, the Department is establishing uniform procedures for use by Department program staff in processing applications to register or renew a registration for a PBS or CBS facility.

The draft policy was published in the June 15, 2005 issue of the Environmental Notice Bulletin. The June 15th notice announced a 30-day comment period pertaining to the proposed policy and the availability of the full text document for review. Comments on the draft policy were submitted and Department Staff prepared a Responsiveness Summary addressing these comments by revising the application form instructions.

In accordance with NYS Environmental Conservation Law §3-0301(2)(z), the Policy will become effective thirty (30) days from the date of this publication.

The final Policy and the Responsiveness Summary are available on the Department’s website at: www.dec.state.ny.us/website/der/bulkstor/. In addition, it can be obtained from the Spill Prevention and Bulk Storage Section, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Division of Environmental Remediation, 625 Broadway, Albany, New York 12233-7020.

Public Notice

New York State Department of State 41 State Street, 9th floor Albany NY, 12231
Environmental Protection Fund
New York State Quality Communities Program 2005-2006

Eligible applicants: Counties, Towns, Cities, Villages, Local Public Authorities, Public Benefit Corporations, Indian Tribes/Nations, and Not-for-Profit Corporations.

Funds are available for planning projects which revitalize downtowns, develop strong economies and protect environmental resources. Eligible applicants may apply for grants by submitting proposals that incorporate one or more of the following programs: Intermunicipal Growth, Community Growth, Community Open Space, Mountain Communities and Community Center.

Request for Applications and forms along with other pertinent information are available for downloading from the: Quality Communities Clearinghouse Web site: www.qualitycommunities.org,. For other information please call, 518-473-3355 or email QC@dos.state.ny.us.

Application Deadline has been extended to DECEMBER 5, 2005

Invasive Species Task Force Meeting No. 6

The sixth (and probably final) meeting of the Invasive Species Task Force (ISTF) will be a one-day meeting in Albany. It will convene from 10:00 to 1:00 on October 26th in the Pride of New York Room at the Department of Agriculture and Markets Headquarters, 10 B Airline Drive. The ISTF is a seventeen-member task force that is charged with assessing the problems associated with invasive species throughout New York State and reporting both findings and recommendations to Governor Pataki and the Legislature by November 2005. The ISTF was created by legislation signed by Governor Pataki in July 2003.

The agenda will include: a summary of the public comments received about the Draft Report of the New York State Invasive Species Task Force and a discussion of changes to that document. The Steering Committee will provide recommendations on both potential changes and rollout of the Final Report to the Governor, Legislature and public.

Lynette Stark
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
(518) 402-8560

Rick Zimmerman
New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets
(518) 457-0752