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New York State Department of State 41 State Street, 9th floor Albany NY, 12231
Environmental Protection Fund
New York State Quality Communities Program 2005-2006

Eligible applicants: Counties, Towns, Cities, Villages, Local Public Authorities, Public Benefit Corporations, Indian Tribes/Nations, and Not-for-Profit Corporations.

Funds are available for planning projects which revitalize downtown's, develop strong economies and protect environmental resources. Eligible applicants may apply for grants by submitting proposals that incorporate one or more of the following programs: Intermunicipal Growth, Community Growth, Community Open Space, Mountain Communities and Community Center.

Request for Applications and forms along with other pertinent information are available for downloading from the: Quality Communities Clearinghouse Web site: www.qualitycommunities.org, . For other information please call, 518-473-3355 or email QC@dos.state.ny.us. Application Deadline has been extended to November 28, 2005

Notice of 60 Day Extension for 6 NYCRR Part 237

The Department hereby gives notice that it is extending the September 30, 2005 NOX allowance transfer deadline in paragraph 237-1.2(b)(34) and compliance certification report deadline in subdivision 237-1.4(a) for the 2004-2005 control period. This 60 day administrative extension runs through midnight of November 29, 2005.

This extension is offered to facilitate the verification of emissions and allowance transactions and to allow for accurate compliance certification under Part 237. The Department had anticipated the use of an electronic web-based emissions and allowance tracking system prior to the applicable deadlines of the program to facilitate these compliance obligations. While the Department has completed beta testing and presented the electronic system to stakeholders, deployment of the system has been hampered by unforeseen delays. The Department is hopeful the electronic system will be available shortly.

It should be noted that no further extensions will be granted and all affected sources are encouraged to submit paper forms to complete this process prior to the extension deadline. All necessary forms are available on the Departmentís website at: www.dec.state.ny.us/website/dar/forms.html

For further information regarding this extension please contact Michael P. Sheehan, P.E. at 518-402-8396