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Negative Declaration

Suffolk County - The Suffolk County Water Authority, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Adoption of the Suffolk County Water Authority’s Montauk Water Supply Plan will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The Montauk Water Supply Plan (MWSP) consists of two principal components. The first is the continued reliance on the 11 existing SCWA wellfields operating within Montauk within the safe limitations as established by the SCWA Montauk Chloride Study. The second component of the Plan is the supplementation of the water produced by the Montauk wellfields with water produced in mainland East Hampton and transmitted through an existing water main running along the Napeague Strip. The MWSP will not have an adverse impact on the environment for the reasons identified in the LEAF.

The water to be transmitted to Montauk will be produced at the existing SCWA wells within East Hampton operating within their New York State Department of Environmental Conservation permitted limits and within the safe yield of the aquifer. No additional wells are required so there will be no construction activities associated with the MWSP.

There will not be an adverse environmental impact to the Montauk aquifer due to the implementation of the MWSP. SCWA operates 11 wells in Montauk. These wells are operated within the strict parameters of the SCWA Chloride Study, discussed in the LEAF, in an effort to maximize the amount of water produced by the wells without inducing saltwater intrusion. Under the MWSP, SCWA will take proactive measures to ensure that saltwater intrusion does not cause contamination of the Montauk aquifer, by transmitting water from mainland East Hampton to Montauk to meet those periods when demand exceeds the combined capacity of the wells. By maintaining the wells, in the event that the Montauk system becomes isolated from the rest of the SCWA system, SCWA will be able in large part to meet the water needs of the residents of Montauk.

Contact: John C. Milazzo, Suffolk County Water Authority, 4060 Sunrise Highway, Oakdale, New York 11769, phone: (631) 563-0308, email: Jmilazzo@scwa.com.