Completed Applications
Consolidated SPDES Renewals

Adirondack Park Agency Completed Applications

Applicant: Jeffrey Tennent
P.O. Box 787
Bolton Landing, NY 12814-0787

Office: Adirondack Park Agency
P.O. Box 99, Route 86
Ray Brook, NY 12977
Phone: (518) 891–4050, ext. 207

Contact: John L. Quinn

Project Number: 2003-22

Project Title: Jeffrey Tennent

Location: Off New York State Route 9N in the Town of Bolton

Comment Period Ends: July 21, 2005

Project Description: The action involves a five-lot subdivision involving wetlands which is part of an overall larger subdivision known as Diamond Ridge Subdivision (remaining lots in the overall subdivision do not contain wetlands and are, therefore, subject to Town of Bolton review and approval as a class B regional project under its Agency-approved local land use control program). Lots are to range from 5.17 acres to 11.09 acres in size. A single family dwelling served by on-site water supply and wastewater treatment systems is proposed on each lot. This project was previously approved by the Agency, but the permit for it expired since it was not undertaken within the required timeframe.

Applicant: Adirondack Mountain Sports
AKA: Clark’s Snowmobile Rental and Sales
AKA: Fay’s Marine Service
P.O. Box 525
Inlet, NY 13360

Office: Adirondack Park Agency
P.O. Box 99, Route 86
Ray Brook, NY 12977
Phone: (518) 891–4050, ext. 207

Contact: Colleen C. Parker

Project Number: 2005-85

Project Title: Adirondack Mountain Sports

Location: Town of Indian Lake, Hamilton County, on NYS Route 28/30 – W. Main Street - The tax map number of the property site is: Section 56.017 Block 3 Parcel 14.

Comment Period Ends: July 21, 2005

Project Description: The expansion of an existing commercial use operation (Adirondack Mountain Sports) with the construction of a new accessory use storage building, measuring approximately 50 foot by 80 foot in size and approximately 25’ in height; to be located approximately 150 feet from the edge of NYS Route 28. Adirondack Mountain Sports (a subsidiary of Clark's Snowmobile Rental and Sales) currently consists of two commercial structures located on the 3.44± acre project site, including a retail sales/rental shop and a repair shop. The proposed new structure will only be used for storage. It will not include any retail area, show-room space, or gasoline sales; it is intended to be subordinate and incidental to the primary commercial structures on the property. No new access from NYS Route 28/30 and no new parking areas are proposed.

Positive Declaration

Saratoga County - The Board of Supervisors of the County of Saratoga, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Saratoga County Water Treatment and Transmission Facilities Project may have a significant adverse impact on the environment and a Draft Environmental Impact Statement must be prepared. The action involves construction and operation of a raw water intake structure, raw water pump station and water treatment plant on an approximately 30 acre parcel at the corner of Butler and Potter Roads in the Town of Moreau, together with approximately 27 miles of 30" - 36" diameter underground water transmission main mostly beneath existing roads or utility rights-of-way through the towns and/or city of Moreau, Greenfield, Wilton, Saratoga Springs, Milton, Ballston, and Malta, as well as a water storage tank near the southern terminus of the proposed transmission main on or near the proposed Luther Forest Technology Campus in the Town of Stillwater. The proposed treatment plant will be located near the southeast corner of the intersection of Potter and Butler Roads in the Town of Moreau, Saratoga County.

Contact: Raymond Callanan, Saratoga County Board of Supervisors, 40 McMaster Street, Ballston Spa, New York 12020-1985, phone: (518) 885-2240.

Notice Of Acceptance Of Final EIS

County: Essex and Clinton

Lead Agency: NYS DEC

Project Title: Wilmington Wild Forest Area Final Unit Management Plan/Final Environmental Impact Statement

Contact Person: Stewart Brown NYS DEC
PO Box 220
Warrensburg, NY 12885
phone: (518) 623-1246

Project Location: The unit is located in Essex County in the Towns of Wilmington, Keene and Jay; and in Clinton County in the Town of Black Brook

Project Description: The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has completed a Final EIS for the Wilmington Wild Forest Area. Proposed management actions may include construction of recreational trails, including snowmobile, mountain bike and hiking trails, campsites and parking lots, possible pond reclamation and fish stocking and blowdown removal.