Completed Applications
Consolidated SPDES Renewals

Public Notice

Notice is hereby given that the New York State Office of General services has declared that 2915-2917 Main Street, located in the City of Buffalo, County Erie, is no longer useful for State program purposes and has been declared abandoned to the Commissioner of General Services for sale or other disposition as unappropriated State land. This abandonment was approved May 16, 2005.

Contact: Ellen Manning, Office of General Services, Bureau of Land Management, 26th Floor, Corning Tower, Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12242, phone: (518) 474-2195, fax: (518) 474-0011.

Negative Declaration

Wyoming County - The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Highland Glens, Incorporated, application of Aquatic Herbicides, Loch Moy, Third Lake, and Little Lake will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves application of the aquatic herbicides elemental Copper (active ingredient in Cutrine-Plus), Dipotassium salt of endothall (active ingredient in Aquathol K), and Diquat Dibromide (active ingredient in Reward) to three lakes. The three lakes are Loch Moy (26 acres), Third or New Lake (24 acres), and Little Lake (5 acres). Loch Moy, Third or New Lake, and Little Lake are located in the recreation area of Highland Glens, a 92 single-family lot residential development located west of Lapp Road.

Contact: Jeffrey E. Dietz, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Region 9, Division of Environmental Permits, 270 Michigan Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14203-2999, phone: (716) 851-7165.