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Notice Of Acceptance Of Final EIS

Ontario County - The Town Board of the Town of Victor, as lead agency, has accepted a Final Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed High Point Business Park Planned Development District. The action involves the applicant proposing to develop and construct approximately 17,800 square feet of commercial, retail and restaurant space; 390,000 square feet of office space and 72 residential townhouses on 106 acres of land. The proposed action includes rezoning the proposed site from two Residential Districts and a NYS Route 96/Route 251 Corridor Overlay District to a Planned Development District. The proposed action also includes a waiver of the requirements of the Town of Victor Route 96/Route 251 Overlay District for the proposed Planned District Development. The project is located on New York State Route 96 and Valentown Road, Town of Victor, New York.

Contact: Jane Luce, Town of Victor, 85 East Main Street, Victor, New York 14564, phone: (585) 742-5040, fax: (585) 924-0202, e-mail: jaluce@town-victor-ny-us.