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Brownfields Cleanup Program

Project Title: Availability of the Proposed Remedial Action Work Plan for public comment for American Bag & Metal Brownfields Cleanup Program Site. Site No. C734088.

Project Location: The site is located at 400-404 and 380 Spencer Street, Syracuse, Onondaga County. The site is bisected by Onondaga Creek and is surrounded by Spencer Street to the south, Kirkpatrick Street to the north, the City of Syracuse Department of Parks, Recreation and Youth to the west and north, and an industrial area to the east. The total site is approximately 2.7 acres in size. The west parcel is approximately 0.6 acres, and the east parcel is approximately 2.1 acres in size. Onondaga Creek discharges into Onondaga Lake approximately 0.4 miles northwest of the site. A cinder block building is located on the west parcel. There are no residential properties adjacent to the site, and the site is served by public water and sewer.

Brief Project Description: The American Bag & Metal facility was a scrap metal recycling business which began operation at this location in 1965. The operation consisted of receiving scrap metals, sorting and/or grading, storing, and baling of the metals on-site, and shipment of the metals off-site to scrap metal re-users. In January of 2001, S&W Redevelopment entered the Voluntary Cleanup Program with the NYSDEC, and transferred into the Brownfields Cleanup Program on January 14, 2004. S&W conducted sampling at the site as part of both the Voluntary Cleanup Program and the Brownfields Cleanup Program. American Bag & Metal conducted soil sampling on the west parcel and west bank of the creek, and surface water and sediment sampling in Onondaga Creek as part of a Preliminary Site Assessment in 1997. The New York State Department of Transportation also conducted soil sampling on the west parcel and the west bank of Onondaga Creek as part of a project to upgrade the Spencer Street Bridge in 1992 and 1993.

Environmental Findings: PCBs are the main contaminant of concern on the west parcel of the site. Soil sampling conducted on the west parcel detected PCBs at concentrations ranging from non-detect to 3,230 parts per million (ppm). The sampling of on-site monitoring wells did not detect PCBs on the west parcel. Wipe samples of the building’s floor and walls also detected PCB contamination above federal guidelines.

Soil and groundwater samples were also collected on the east parcel of the site. As a result of this sampling, buried paint waste was discovered at the facility. PCBs, metals and organic compounds were also detected at elevated concentrations in soil. Organic compounds were detected in the groundwater above New York State drinking water standards in the eastern portion of the facility. The organic compounds in the groundwater typically matched those of the paint waste.

Sediment and surface water sampling was conducted in Onondaga Creek. Based upon the sampling results, it appears that the site is not currently impacting the sediment or surface water of Onondaga Creek. However, PCBs above hazardous waste levels (50 ppm) are located on the western bank of Onondaga Creek and could impact the stream in the future. The western bank of the creek is not owned by S&W, and additional remedial work on the bank would be conducted by a different entity. A portion of the eastern bank of Onondaga Creek is owned by S&W.

Proposed Remedial Action Work Plan requirements include:

Western Parcel:

Eastern Parcel:


Off-site contamination (e.g., PCB contamination on the west bank of Onondaga Creek) will not be addressed under this agreement.

The remediation will be performed by S&W with oversight by NYSDEC and the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). "Remediation" means all necessary actions to address any known or suspected contamination associated with the site. Since the site has been determined by the State of New York to be a significant threat to human health and the environment, the NYSDEC will select the final remedy after considering public comments. The final remedy selected by NYSDEC will be protective of human health and the environment.

Comments on the Remedial Action Work Plan will be accepted until May 23, 2005. Comments should be sent to the contact person below. NYSDEC will consider public comments when it completes its review, has any necessary revisions made and, if appropriate, approves the Remedial Work Plan. NYSDOH must concur in the approval of the Remedial Work Plan. The approved Remedial Work Plan will be placed in the document repository. When NYSDEC approves the final Remedial Work Plan, S&W may proceed with the construction of the site remedy.

Contact person: Richard A. Mustico, NYSDEC 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-7016, phone: (518) 402-9767, fax: (518) 402-9773, E-Mail: rxmustic@gw.state.ny.us.

Document Repositories:

Onondaga County Public Library
Syracuse Branch at the Galleries
447 South Salina Street
Syracuse, New York 13204

615 Erie Boulevard, West
Syracuse, New York 13204

625 Broadway
Albany, New York 12233

Negative Declaration

County: Chenango

Lead Agency: NYS DEC

Project Title: Prescribed Fire on 103 Acres of Chenango RA #35, Stands A-56E, A-67, A-74, C-37, and C-59

Project Location: Town of Smithville

Project Description: The action involves a prescribed fire designed to consume grass and brush species in the months of March, April, or September. The fire is intended to rejuvenate grass species and to reduce the amount of encroaching brush in accordance with recommendations in the Long Pond Unit Management Plan. The 103 acre treatment area consists of five different grass fields, ranging in size from 11 to 33 acres. It is not expected that all of the target grass fields will be treated in the same year. The maintenance of these grass fields is important to the goal of biodiversity expressed in the Plan. Some of these grass fields have been identified as critical habitat for bird species such as Henslow’s Sparrow and Grasshopper Sparrow.

Contact Person: Andrew Goeller, NYS DEC, 2715 Route 80, Sherburne, NY 13460, phone: (607) 674-4036.

Notice Of Acceptance of Draft EIS And Extension Of Comment Period

Onondaga County - The Town of DeWitt, as lead agency has accepted a Draft Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Hummel Estates Subdivision. A public hearing on the Draft EIS will be held on April 14, 2005 at 7:15 p.m. at the Town of DeWitt Town Offices, 5400 Butternut Drive, Town of Dewitt, NY. Public comments will be accepted until April 24, 2005. The action involves a proposed residential development on 78 acres located in the Town of DeWitt. The design employs reduced lot sizes ("clustering") to create open space and preserve environmentally sensitive areas. The amended plan calls for development of 32 single family units. The project is located on the south side of NYS Route 173 between Jamesville and the Town of Onondaga and across from the Clark Reservation.

Contact: Town of DeWitt, Town Board, 5400 Butternut Drive, E.Syracuse, NY 13057.

Notice Of Acceptance Of Final EIS

Cortland County - The Cortland County Industrial Development Agency, as lead agency, has accepted a Final Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Tioughnioga River Trail - Phase I. The action involves a proposed multi-use trail for, among other things, non-motorized modes of transportation including walking, running, biking, rollerblading and cross country skiing is being proposed for the Tioughnioga River corridor from Homer to Cortland. The Phase I main trail will be approximately 4 miles long and will primarily consist of 10' wide asphalt pavement with selected areas being surfaced with fine stone or suitable alternatives. Potential wet conditions may require portions of the trail to be constructed as a boardwalk. Access, parking and possible boat docks will be provided at it's endpoints as well as at several nodal points along the trail route. The project is located primarily along the eastern and northern banks of the West Branch of the Tioughnioga River from Yaman Park in the City of Cortland to Durkee Park in the Village of Homer.

Contact: Linda Hartsock, Cortland County Industrial Development Agency, 37 Church Street, Cortland, NY 13045, phone: (315) 756-5005.