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Conditioned Negative Declaration

Saratoga County - The Town of Saratoga Planning Board, as lead agency has determined that the proposed Southard Road Subdivision will not have a significant adverse environmental impact provided specific conditions are met. There will be a 30 day public comment period commencing with the date of this notice. The action involves the subdivision of 69.1 acres into eleven building lots. The project is located at 130 Southard Road, Saratoga Springs, NY.

The conditions are:

1. Stabilized well yield testing shall be witnessed and certified by a professional engineer stating that the well meets the following parameters.

2. All wells shall be quality and yield tested prior to the issuing of a building permit for each lot, this includes certified well yield testing on Lots #2, 6, and 9.

3. At least two monitoring wells shall be used for each well test, these wells will be preferably adjacent neighbors wells or existing subdivision wells if neighbors are unwilling to allow monitoring.

4. The “stabilized well water level” (drawdown) shall be defined as the water level in the test well shall not fluctuate more than plus or minus 0.5 foot for each one hundred feet of water in the well (static level). The maximum fluctuation for a well shall not exceed one and one half feet (1 ˝ ‘). This shall be level shall be maintained during the four hour stabilized pump flow test.

5. The test well recovery shall be to 95%+ of the initial static water level within 24 hours following the well yield test.

6. An air tube shall be installed in all wells in the subdivision for water level checking, this air tube will be a permanent installation. The developer shall provide the home owner with catalog make and model numbers of the reading and recording instruments and where they may be purchased by the owner if he so desires.

7. The minimum well yield acceptable for the issuing of a building permit is two (2) gpm. The well pump shall be sized to pump less than the stabilized flow rate at the stabilized drawdown level.

8. A full day of water storage based on 100 gallon per bedroom with a minimum of 400 gallon storage shall be provided. A booster pump shall deliver water from the storage tank to the users through a pneumatic tank. The well casing shall not be counted for water storage.

9. Treatment and/or storage shall be submitted to the Code Enforcement Officer as information attached to each building permit application.

Contact: Ian Murray, Town of Saratoga Planning Board, 30 Ferry Street, Schuylerville, NY 12871, phone: (518) 695-3644.